Speech & Voice Coach

Kay Kostopoulos

Kay Kostopoulos

Speaking is a physical as well as an intellectual act. Through the use of breath, I teach students how to release the tension that blocks effective speaking, and tune in to what it feels like to use all of their physical resources in speaking. The speaker learns to understand the rules of text work and the techniques of verbal action, incorporating variations in pitch, rate, quality, volume and inflection. We can then work on finding new range in size (or volume) and in pitch, committing to the physicality of the spoken word, and speaking through the entire body.

Kay Kostopoulos on Speech & Voice Coaching

Kay Kostopoulos directs and teaches acting, acting pedagogy, voice, speech, and Shakespeare in the Drama Department and Continuing Studies Program at Stanford University. She also teaches “Acting with Power” at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Kay has created and directed training programs for Stanford’s School of Medicine and co-teaches a program for their Symbolic Systems Department in the development of facial recognition for the treatment of autism.

She has taught private seminars for Stand and Deliver Consulting, The National Association of Speakers, Capital City Young Writers Conference, Silicon Valley Romance Writers Conference, Stanford’s Executive Program for Women and Women in Entrepreneurship Program, and eBay’s Global Women’s Conference.

Kay is an MFA graduate of American Conservatory Theatre, where she taught acting and directed student projects as a core faculty member of A.C.T.’s Advanced Training Program. She has taught “Acting for Teachers” at Dominican University and acting and directing at City College of San Francisco, Vector Theatre Conservatory, American Musical Theatre of San Jose, and DeAnza College. She served as Education Director at The California Shakespeare Festival. At Stanford, Kay performed the voices of Athena, Penelope, Circe, Calypso, and Helen in “Encountering Homer’s Odyssey,” an online classics program through the Stanford/Princeton/Yale Alliance. She has directed and performed in educational projects for Stanford’s Continuing Studies Program, including the Emily Dickinson, William Saroyan, and Charles Darwin Centennials.

Kay has acted in many Bay Area and regional theaters, including A.C.T., the Magic Theatre, the San Francisco and California Shakespeare Festivals, and Stanford Summer Theatre. She has additional credits in voiceover, film, and television and performs throughout the Bay Area with her music ensemble, Black Olive Jazz.


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