When A New Relationship Is Worth Millions – Expert Advice

Four principles to help and your sales team and create a new client relationship.

How do you handle a sales presentation when a new relationship is potentially worth millions? Patricia Fripp shows you how though FrippVT.

Imagine my surprise when the national sales manager said to 60 of his top associates, “At lunch the sales team and I agreed, we have no idea how we managed to sell anything before we met Patricia!” He told me, “It takes a year for us to get the opportunity to deliver an hour presentation to a small group of executives from a prospective client company. At that point a new relationship is worth between $5 and 10 million dollars to our us.”

I asked, “How long do you spend rehearsing a presentation that important?” (more…)

How to Overcome Nervousness When You Speak

Do you deal with nervousness when you speak in public?  Even experienced teachers, politicians, entertainers, actors, and musicians will tell you they’ve felt nervous before a presentation or performance. Some may even say that they are nervous and insecure every time they speak in public.  Nervousness is normal, but it doesn’t have to stop you from delivering a successful presentation:


How to Open Your Presentation with Impact

Patricia Fripp shares why and how to open your presentation with impact.

Patricia Fripp shares why and how to open your presentation with impact.

Why is your presentation opening important? Does your audience put down their phones? Pause their texting? Forget about their to-do lists? Quit doodling? Or, stop thinking about dinner reservations?

When you walk on stage to speak, you must grab your audience’s attention immediately. You can accomplish this with an opening that simply won’t let them drift away.

Don’t know how? Even though, you realize it’s really important? My techniques can help you. Join me September 21, 2017, 9:00am PST and find out How to Open Your Presentation with Impact!  When you sign up for this complimentary, content-rich web event you will receive a replay link to listen to at your convenience and the Fripp Speech Structure Infographic – even if you can’t attend the live event! (more…)

What Is The Biggest Mistake Sales Professionals Make?

Patricia Fripp Shares the Biggest Mistake Sales Professionals Make

Patricia Fripp shares the biggest mistake sales professionals make and what to do to make your sales presentations powerful and persuasive.

“Patricia, what is the biggest mistake sales professionals make?” I was recently asked this in an interview. My answer?

Not rehearsing.

I expected to hear, “We lock the presentation team in the board room for a week. We go over our parts, video, and review. Then we bring in at least five different audiences of team members to listen and give their feedback.”

This is what he actually said, “We are lucky if we do a run-though in the back of Sylvia’s car before we walk in.”