Habits of High-Performing People – Secrets of the Sports World

lessons from the world of sports Greatness - The 16 Characteristics of True Champions by Don Yaeger

Don Yaeger reveals lessons from the best in the sports world.

Are you a peak performer? Would you like to be? Would you like to be more effective than you already are? I recently teamed up with one of America’s most provocative thought leaders, Don Yaeger to uncover the “Habits of High-Performing Individuals” and invite you to enjoy a replay of this exciting FrippVT web event. Listen in as Don Yaeger reveals lessons learned from great winners that empower you and your team to pursue greatness both professionally and personally! Don Yaeger is an award-winning keynote speaker, business leadership coach, a nine-time New York Times Best-selling author and longtime Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated. Few can lay claim to as exciting and colorful a career! Don draws from his years of studying the top performers and greatest winners in the world of sports to bring us important lessons we can apply to business leadership and personal achievement. (more…)

Secrets of Super Star Sales Presentations

If you need a competitive edge over your competition, enjoy a replay of my recent live web event, The Inside Secrets of Super Star Sales Presentations. This is just one in my FrippVT Sales Series.


Networking Is The Key to Your Business Success

Business Networking Online SummitLearn from more than 35 experts, for free, at the THE Business Networking Online Summit. You’re smart enough to know that people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Professionals will always network, form relationships, develop communities, pass referrals, and support each other in business and life. We can’t live and grow business without strong relationships.

As professionals, it’s important that we become masterful networkers, connectors, and voices of influence. Create more success in your business through networking and connecting.

THE Business Networking Online Summit

Hosted by Adèle McLay
April 11 – 17, 2016

I am about to participate in THE Business Networking Online Summit. Host, Adèle McLay is interviewing more than 35 of the world’s leading experts – authors, thought leaders, practitioners – people who excel at business networking and can help you grow your businesses through their advice. (more…)

Everyone Wins with Adaptability – How Adaptable Are You?

Group Conversation

Adaptable people meet others’ needs and their own. They know how to negotiate relationships in a way that allows everyone to win.

I am delighted to be speaking at the Assessments24x7 2nd Annual Users Conference, October, 8th and 9th in San Diego. Assessments24x7 provides corporate employers, industry coaches and consultants the analytical tools to benchmark their hiring processes, boost employee productivity, and maximize performance. Identifying unique personal strengths is invaluable in achieving professional happiness. Is adaptability one of your personal strengths? (more…)