The Dirty Little Secret & What You Can Do about It

Clapping Hands The Dirty Little Secret of Training

An audience will forget most of what they’ve heard in a training session, especially without repetition and reinforcement.

I’ve been paid to speak, train, and consult for over 35 years. I will let you in on the dirty little secret of the training industry… When you have a great speaker delivering content the audience is genuinely interested in, even in the most ideal situation, two weeks later the audience will have forgotten 70% of what they heard. Certainly the 30% your audience actually remembers can and usually does make a big difference – if they’re committed. However, the best way to maximize your investment in training and coaching is repetition and reinforcement. (more…)

Introducing a Speaker? What to Do, What to Avoid

Patricia Fripp

Hall of Fame Speaker & Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

My friend and colleague, Sims Wyeth, author of The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking, shares this excellent and practical advice on what to do, and not do, when introducing a speaker.

How to Introduce A Speaker
by Sims Wyeth

First, you must be brief.

Avoid all stale and stilted phrases such as,  “It is indeed an honor…,” “A man who needs no introduction…” and “We are gathered here tonight…”

How to Successfully Moderate A Panel Discussion


There is more to moderating a panel than asking a few questions and hoping panelists know how to respond.

My brilliant friend, Ian Griffin is a speechwriter, presentation expert, and fellow Brit. Ian and I recently teamed up for a web event to share presentation advice with the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable and Fripp Virtual Training members. Most people are aware that a formal presentation requires research and rehearsal, but keep in mind that preparation can ensure your success in all speaking situations.  If you have been asked to moderate a panel, be aware that there is more to this than simply firing off a few questions and hoping your panelists will respond with scintillating conversation. Ian shares these great tips to help you prepare: (more…)

What to Do When You’re Invited to Be A Panelist

Microphones for Panel Discussion

Participating in a panel discussion? It is a mistake to think you can just “wing it.”

Have you been invited to participate in a panel discussion? Almost everyone recognizes that a formal presentation requires preparation and rehearsal, but it’s easy to forget that “doing your homework” can ensure your success in any situation requiring you to speak. If you want the audience to understand and appreciate your ideas and information, organize your thoughts and understand your strategy well in advance of joining your fellow panelists on stage. My friend and colleague Rob Biesenbach shares these strategies to help you prepare to speak in a panel discussion: