Lost Your Focus? An Expert Helps You Meet Your Sales Goals

Selling from the Inside Out by Tom Redmond a book to help you meet your sales goals

Tom Redmond is the author of Selling From the Inside Out and a go-to expert on the generation of and management of sales. Here is the video of my conversation with Tom Redmond.

Selling From the Inside Out: Advanced Sales Overview, part of the FrippVT Sales Series. Learn how to follow the Sales Process Map, guaranteed to get results. Understand the leading sales indicators and when to course correct. Develop a personalized process and anticipate when your prospect will stall.


Millennials – How to Do Well in A Sharing Economy

Younger American Workers with Computers

By the year 2020, 70 percent of the workforce will be millennials.

By the year 2020, 70 percent of the workforce will be millennials. Bestselling author Michael Nick and I recently enjoyed a wonderful conversation with hundreds of our friends! Michael’s books include ROI Selling, Why Johnny Can’t Sell, and The Key to the C-Suite. His latest book, Adapt or Fail, focuses on how Millennials are changing the way we communicate and collaborate throughout the sales process. The topic of millennials is truly popular and relevant. The statistics Michael shared in our conversation will open you eyes! Enjoy this replay of our web event, then enjoy what Jessica Nick’s great insights from a millennial’s point of view to help you thrive in the sharing economy. (more…)

How to Make Your Post Successful on LinkedIn’s Pulse

linkedinlogo Article about LinkedIn's PulseLike most people, you’ve probably been on LinkedIn for a while, you have a profile and connections – but are you using LinkedIn to your best advantage?  I share this article from marketing and branding expert, Melanie DePaoli who explains how to raise your visibility through LinkedIn’s Pulse, plus a replay of my recent web event with Melanie to help you get results from LinkedIn. This was one in the FrippVT Sales Series. Enjoy! (more…)

Sales Generation – How to Prospect in Any Economic Climate

Sales Presentations Expert Patricia Fripp & Fripp Virtual Training

Patricia Fripp, explains strategies for powerful and persuasive sales presentations through Fripp Virtual Training.

Frippicism: It is not your clients’ and prospects’ job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure they don’t forget you. A recent Wall Street Journal article entitled, “U.S. Recovery Stumbles Yet Again,” declared that despite the current economic recovery, unusually harsh winter weather at the start of this year caused our Nation’s GDP to shrink. Regardless of the ups and downs in the economic climate, or in the weather itself, your marketing efforts must be ongoing, consistent, and relentless. Here are a few strategies to help you market yourself and your business in any economy: (more…)