Conquer Professional Speaking to Amplify Your Coaching Business

What would it mean to you if you could Amplify Your Coaching Business? If every time you presented to a client you were powerfully persuasive, clearly concise, and capable of inspiring your clients to take action? What would it mean to your business if you could land multiple clients from a single presentation?

The more complex our coaching businesses become, the clearer and more concise our ability to communicate needs to be. As a coach, it is equally important to be able to deliver a powerful, persuasive presentation to build your credibility and your business. Join me, Tuesday, April 25th, 2017, 9:00am PST/10:00am MST for Amplify Your Coaching Business. In my complimentary web event, you’ll learn powerful presentation techniques that guarantee your message will be remembered, repeated, and will inspire your clients to take action.

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Want to Save Time Preparing Your Presentation?

Patricia Fripp Executive Speech Coach

Find out how you can save time when preparing your presentation. Patricia Fripp explains how in her upcoming webinar and through FrippVT.

Would it shock you to know that most professionals waste valuable time organizing their presentations? If you begin your process by opening your last PowerPoint presentation you may be guilty of falling into the trap of believing that is your presentation. Don’t get me wrong, I love PowerPoint. I often say, “Use more slides with less content on them.” However, PowerPoint is a visual medium and an aid to your presentation. You are the star. The creative process starts with paper, a flip chart, or white board. Don’t hyperventilate. You can look at your last slide deck if it is the same subject. We will then revisit, refocus, and rescript your message.

Enjoy the replay of my webinar where I share secrets to presentation preparation and a foolproof speech structure to save you time and help you maximize your impact. You will learn about the premise, opening options as well as speech structure. You will also see a segment from on your the premise formula.  (more…)

How to Close Your Presentation And Be A Star

Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp explains how to close your presentation to leave a lasting impact through FrippVT.

Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp explains how to close your presentation to leave a lasting impact through FrippVT.

Last words linger. Star presenters know this well and use it to their advantage. Give your closing words extra consideration. Don’t close your presentation with, “We’re out of time,” even if you are. You waste your final opportunity to reinforce your core message. Don’t close on a Q & A, just in case you’re asked an awkward question, or in case an audience member just shares a rambling opinion. These are distractions that diminish your impact on your audience. You can thank your audience for the opportunity to speak, but don’t make these your last words. Instead, close your speech with words that support your presentation and maximize your impact. I share some examples of how to correctly close your presentation in this video:


How to Improve Your Presentations with A Great Opening

Patricia Fripp explains how to open your presentation with impact through FrippVT screenshot.

Patricia Fripp shows you how to open your presentation with impact through FrippVT.

If you want to improve your presentations learn your options for openings. No matter what your subject, audience make up, or length of presentation what good presentations have in common is they get off to a good start.

The first 30 seconds of your presentation are very important, as your goal is to engage the audience. When you see they are smiling and paying attention it builds your confidence. There are many ways to open a speech or presentation. Some of the techniques are a question, story, statistic, quotation, little known fact, or a challenge.


How to Open Your Speech from FrippVT

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