Public Speaking – How to Recognize And Reject Unhelpful Feedback


Taking the wrong feedback to heart can actually make a good speech a bad one.

An outside perspective on your presentation or public speaking skills is often the best way to discover where you can improve your content or delivery. However, ask yourself: “Is this person giving their advice truly qualified to help me? Does this person have my best interests at heart? Am I asking for their input, or do they have their own motivation to give it to me?” Sometimes unsolicited feedback says much more about the giver than the recipient. My friend and fellow presentation skills expert, Darren LaCroix, will be joining me Wednesday – Friday, December 3 – 5, 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada for our Get Coached to Speak speech coaching camp. In this article, Darren explains how to recognize and avoid feedback that can harm, rather than help, your public speaking and presentations.

“Authentic” Feedback?
by Darren LaCroix (more…)

Public speakers “The enemy of the speaker is sameness”

Darren LaCroix & Patricia Fripp give you their best speaking advice & coaching.

Darren LaCroix & Patricia Fripp give you their best speaking advice & coaching.

My great speech coach Ron Arden who had enjoyed a successful acting and directly career always told his students “Public speakers need variety in their presentation just as we do in the theatre. The enemy of the speaker is sameness.”

My World Champions Edge buddy Ed Tate sent this review to me from a TV blog. Sameness does not work in singing and TV.

By Carla Patton, BuddyTV

“This week, the top 8 performed songs from the 1980s. And, unlike in weeks past, there was a clear division of talent. Some people were amazing. Some failed to live up to ghosts of performances past. And some contestants sounded just too much like previous performances. Phillip Phillips is becoming a notable offender of sounds-the-same syndrome. The big question on this night is: Who will go home? Or will the judges use the Save? I think the real problem at hand is that no one sang a Hall and Oates song. Maybe they’re saving that for an entire Hall and Oates-themed week! In my dreams.”

Perhaps you need variety in your life, relationships and hobbies?
For something totally different on April 18, my birthday, after attending the Golden Gate Breakfast Club, my pals and I are going to Alcatraz. I don’t know about you, but I love being a tourist in my own home town.

If you are a public speaker every experience is content for a speech.
Then of course you need to learn to masterfully tell your story.
In that case you can benefit from Darren LaCroix and Patricia Fripp’sStructure and Story and Coaching Champ Camp in Las Vegas in June.

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How To Organize a Speech

A frequently asked question on public speaking is “How Do I Organize My Speech?”

Here is a basic outline that work well for the beginning speaker.

1. THE PAST-PRESENT-JOURNEY FORMAT: This simple outline can help you tell the audience who you are and why you are qualified to speak on the topic you’ve chosen.

How to Make Meetings Fun for Engineers

How to Make Meetings Fun for Engineers

By executive speech coach Patricia Fripp

One of my speech coaching clients is a Cisco manager who has the honor of emceeing a high level meeting between his colleagues, a business partner’s team, and the best and brightest of Cisco engineers. While helping him tighten his welcoming script he mentioned “First on the agenda everyone will introduce themselves.” Although this is a common practice it is a very predictable meeting opening. As I tell my clients “Being predictable can be boring.”  My recommendation is to set the tone with his well crafted remarks selling the outcome of this meeting and why it was unique.

Patricia Fripp at Lady & the Champs 2011

Then “to maximize the networking and productivity of the meeting we invite you to introduce yourself by name, title, years with your organization, and a little known fact that we do not know about you.”

My advice was that he model exactly how long their introductions should be, have several of his friends do the same. The result will be the 40 introductions would not take up all day.

The little known fact is a great way to add humor, build camaraderie, and make it easy to start a conversation with people you perceive as very important or scary!
In case you are interested…my lesser known facts….
While delivering a speech I stepped out of a space ship wearing a custom made Wonder Woman costume.
I once hosted a cocktail party with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward as guests.
San Francisco magazine named me “One of the 10 sexiest women in San Francisco.” (Tough to believe? It was a long time ago. 1971)

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No speech coaching challenge is too large for Patricia Fripp

No speech coaching challenge is too large for Patricia Fripp