Ghostwriting and Content Development

Fripp & Associates can help your company with a wide range of communications challenges including:


Fripp Associate, Ian Griffin, writes content for keynote speeches, video scripts, corporate and product brochures, white papers, success stories, data sheets, direct mail, and newsletters. He combines big-picture, strategic thinking with a structured, step-by-step approach and attention to detail. To create an initial draft, Ian will interview technical subject matter experts and managers inside your organization. The result is a presentation or document that translates complexity into poetry.

Ian’s ghostwriting services include:

  • Interviewing subject experts across the organization
  • Researching, fact checking, creative development, and writing
  • Clearly defining desired outcomes
  • Audience analysis and response evaluation
  • Capture of newsworthy content that moves the audience to action
  • Ensuring consistency in visual communication
  • Creating and delivering cutting-edge graphics

The result: a significant decrease in the effort you need to expend on your next important speech coupled with a significant increase in the effect of the presentation.

Repurposing Content

Communications do not end when you leave the stage. Ian Griffin can help you implement a comprehensive Web 2.0 strategy that will repurpose your speech:

  • As a podcast or videocast
  • As a transcript on influential blogs
  • As a feature on your own home page and other websites
  • As a news story
  • Even as a digital product you can sell over the internet.
Ian Griffin

About Ian Griffin

Ian Griffin is an experienced speechwriter and ghostwriter with ten years experience in Silicon Valley technology companies. He has written keynote speeches, created PowerPoint slides, developed scripts, and ghostwritten books, magazines, and technical trade publications.

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