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Bring the Speaking School to YOU. Patricia Fripp's Highly-Recommended Public Speaking & Presentation Skills School

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What would it mean to you if every speech and presentation you gave was a resounding success?

If you are looking for high-level speech coaching and presentation skills training, in a small class setting, it would be difficult to find anyone who has the experience, credentials, expertise, and references of Patricia Fripp. Her clients include executives, celebrities, and professional public speakers.

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills School

The best event to increase your effectiveness in a boardroom or convention hall, addressing audiences of 5 or 500, getting the attention of senior management.

This public speaking and presentation skills class is presented in different ways. Patricia Fripp frequently customizes the training and speech coaching event for clients.

Often she collaborates with Darren LaCroix.

If you are a novice, intermediate, or even advanced business presenter or professional speaker, you can benefit from Fripp's unique ability to demystify the process of what it takes to design a great presentation.

Patricia says, "There are three simple, but necessary, parts to every effective presentation. They are (1) the structure or framework, (2) the content or material, and (3) your delivery. The structure and content are important to focus on before you work on your delivery or presentation style. After all, why work at polishing a presentation that is not worth listening to?"

Being perceived as a dynamic, inspiring, and persuasive communicator is no longer a nice skill to have; it is a matter of business life and death!

Leaders set the tone of how an entire organization is expected to communicate.

If you are a leader or manager who realizes the value to your career and business when you are a confident, competent communicator...

If you are involved in sales and need to help improve or perfect sales conversations and presentations...

You can benefit from the Patricia Fripp Speaking & Presentation Skills School.

A Fraction of Fripp's Presentation Philosophy:

Consider This:

Locations, Dates, and Times

Structure & Stories Champ Camp

How to Create and Deliver Powerful Presentations: One Day Seminar

With Patricia Fripp and Darren LaCroix

Followed by a Two-Day Get Coached to Speak Champ Camp

June 6-8, 2014
All three days will start at 8:30am-5:30pm
Palms Hotel
4321 West Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103

Champ Camp

Registration includes seminar handout. We reserve the right to refuse registrations.

Registration Discounts

Only one discount to apply per registration.

What Attendees Are Saying...

Patricia Fripp was highly recommended and we had high expectations. Nothing prepared us for her preparation, knowledge, and focused attention on increasing the effectiveness of our speech scripts and delivery. Fripp is simply the BEST presentation skills coach. No discussion!

– Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO, The Kaplan Thaler Group
Best-selling Coauthor of "The Power of Nice"

Patricia Fripp is extraordinary! My book, without a doubt, is on the New York Times best sellers list because of her influence on how to write a story—how to craft a message. It's unbelievable the power that Patricia Fripp has!

– Janine Driver, Body Language Expert
Author of the NY Times Bestseller, You Say More Than You Think

The Darren LaCroix and Patricia Fripp Coaching Camp was an invaluable experience. I can’t thank you enough for putting the event together. It was the biggest growth experience I’ve had since physical rehabilitation in 1997! It was invaluable in learning more about speaking and interacting with any audience. Now it’s time to put what I’ve learned to the test in front of other groups.

I consider it a great privilege to have sat among so many wonderful individuals and to have been coached by two extraordinary speakers and coaches. Thanks for making such a positive contribution to my life.

– Erik Scribner


At the Patricia Fripp Speaking & Presentation Skills School you will learn how to design and deliver a company-building, confidence-enhancing, executive-projecting, powerful, persuasive speech or presentation.

All executives, managers, and sales leaders are required to make presentations internally, to their Board of Directors, and to clients. Frequently, they have the opportunity to deliver a speech that will influence shareholders, Wall Street, and improve their company reputation.

If you want to develop, or perfect, the ability to be perceived as a dynamic, inspiring, and persuasive presenter why wait? After all, leaders set the tone of how an entire organization is expected to communicate.

Unfortunately, many highly-intelligent, well-educated, and ambitious leaders fear public speaking — of any kind — and they panic when these opportunities arise. Often when they are in front of their clients, the quality of their presentations does not reflect the image of their company. Award-winning and legendary communicator Patricia Fripp says, "It is mind-boggling how many executives spend years finding creative ways to get OUT of speaking situations! Instead, why not invest the time learning the specific skills to design and deliver dynamic presentations? These skills will last a lifetime."

This relatively small investment is a career-building move!

In this two-day speaking and presentation skills school, you will learn exactly how to create and deliver a presentation that is on-target for your audience and will be remembered...for all the right reasons.

Imagine the impact on your career when your competence is obvious every time you open your mouth!

Fripp's Speaking & Presentation Skills School

You will learn how to:

Attend this session and you are guaranteed to:

This is a highly-interactive seminar and guarantees to simplify and demystify the process of designing and delivering a dynamic, professional, business presentation.

You will learn from a legend in the speaking and executive speech coaching world.

Are you serious about public speaking? Contact Patricia Fripp about her
Public Speaking School.