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Enjoy these classic Patricia Fripp resources for public speaking and presentation skills.

Audio Programs

The Quantum Leap Speaking Performance Seminar

Quantum Leap Performance Seminar
Buy Now - $65

6 Audio CD Set

This is an intermediate presentation skills school... presented by three world class experts–"Charismatic Keynote Speaker" Patricia Fripp, "Captivating Speech Coach" Mary Beth Roach, M.A. and "Connoisseur Client" Dan Maddux.

What's keeping your speaking career from soaring? Find out and jump to the next level. Change your life as a speaker! 

Quantum Leap Performance Seminar for Speakers

The Story Behind Awesome Storytelling

Awesome Storytelling
Buy Now - $40

2 Audio CD Set

Patricia Fripp with David Garfinkel, world-class copywriter, and John Cantu, San Francisco comedy legend. What sets the truly great speakers apart from the rest? Quite simply, it's the power of the stories they tell.

Learn how a bout with cancer and a brush with death gave John Cantu a humorous - yet rivoting - keynote he now delivers to audiences of all kinds. 

The Story Behind Awesome Storytelling

Continental Breakfast Club Speech Series

Continental Breakfast Club
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Each talk includes 2 MP3 Audio files

San Francisco's Continental Breakfast Club was a women's organization who invited Patricia to be their first speaker in order to draw a crowd to form the club. Every year after that Patricia spoke at their anniversary meeting. If you enjoy listening to great speeches, or are a fan or Patricia's, or a student of how to design and deliver talks, you will enjoy and benefit from the CBC Series. Remember, these talks were created and delivered once!

Patricia Fripp's Continental Breakfast Club Speeches

How to Add Humor to your Presentations

2 downloadable MP3 files

Patricia Fripp introduced the late John Cantu to the world of professional speaking. Fripp invited him to deliver this practical step-by-step guide on how to add humor to your presentations at one of her speaking schools. Cantu is no longer with us, however his advice and wisdom will help sharpen our ability to be funnier forever. 

Add Humor to your Presentations


How to Put More Hollywood in your Talk

3 downloadable MP3 files

Robert McKee the famous screenwriting teacher said, "Stories are the creative conversion of life itself." Hollywood screenwriters know more about telling a story and emotionally connecting with an audience than almost anyone. Hollywood collaborates to create Oscar-winning movies - Fripp adapts this to what she calls Impactification! 

Put More Hollywood in your Talk

The Masterpiece Within You

3 downloadable MP3 files

In this entertaining program you will learn how to mine your life for information and ideas that will become the structure of your keynote speech. This is what Hall of Fame winning speaker Patricia Fripp calls the "Once Upon a Time Technique."  As a bonus you hear what Johnny Carson says about building a relationship with your audience. 

The Masterpiece Within You


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