Practical Advice on How to Create a Successful Life, Career, and Presentation

50 Shades of Fripp: Observations Made, Advice Received, and Experiences Lived

If you are committed to increasing the impact and effectiveness of your public speaking and presentation skills, you can benefit from knowing what Patricia Fripp has learned in her career of over 30 years of successful speaking.

In this presentation you learn many of the key lessons that can positively impact your life, career, and speeches.
For over 30 years, Patricia has delighted audiences, transformed sales teams, and coached executives and professionals on how to deliver powerful, persuasive presentations.

In 50 Shades of Fripp you will learn the:

  • Habits that create any successful career
  • Techniques to customize a speech
  • Power of focused questions
  • Principles in any one discipline are exactly the same in another