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Meetings: Fun & Exciting??? Yes!
Meetings from a Different Perspective

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Fun & Exciting Meetings

How to Effectively Plan & Run Fun & Exciting Meetings & Conferences

What is a meeting?

Formal or informal, 10 minutes to 5 days, meetings take up an enormous amount of our business lives. Be honest, how many do you look forward to, or really find of great value?

You benefit from this value resource if you are an ambitious person who is:

The success of each can positively impact your reputation and elevate your career. A dismal failure in any of the above and... well you don't want to think about it!

You will learn:

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Includes: DVD, Audio CD, and Valuable Bonus Articles (To access bonus materials - put in computer, open folder, then double-click on PDF icons to open.)

Please note: the content of the DVD and CD is the same; this way you can watch the DVD and reinforce the ideas with the CD while you drive

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Fun & Exciting Meetings

Effectively Plan & Run Fun & Exciting Meetings

60-minute DVD & Audio CD
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