How to Open Your Presentations with Impact: 8 Ways to Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Effective speaking skills give you a competitive edge. In this entertaining and content-rich program, you learn to how to open every presentation with impact and immediately engage your audience. You learn multiple opening techniques and hear specific examples from a seasoned professional.

If you are committed to increasing the impact and effectiveness of your public speaking and presentation skills you can benefit from knowing what Patricia Fripp has learned in her over successful thirty-year speaking career.

You will learn how to open your presentation with a:

  • Story or example
  • Question or rhetorical question
  • Quotation that is public or personal
  • Interesting statistic or little-known fact

How and why you:

  • Engage your audience immediately
  • Incorporate Hollywood techniques
  • Approach sales presentation differently

This DVD is a perfect companion to the Create Your Keynote by Next Week program created with Darren LaCroix.