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How to Outline, Design and Deliver a Dynamic Speech

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Listen in on Patricia Fripp’s Two-Day Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Seminar

How to Outline, Design and Deliver a Dynamic Speech or Presentation

Learn about content development, connecting with your audience, and hear Fripp transform mini-presentations by attendees. Perfect for business leaders, sales professionals and professional speakers.

  • Do you want to learn effective presentation skills?
  • Do you need to deliver business presentations?
  • Can you benefit from learning the latest presentation tips?
  • Do you dream of becoming a professional public speaker or professional motivational speaker?
  • Can you benefit from listening to presentation coaching?

Day 1

Basic Speaking and Presentation Skills:
How to Outline, Design and Deliver a Dynamic Talk or Sales Presentation

  • Save time by learning to utilize the Fripp Presentation Organization Tool for every presentation or sales conversation
  • The three simple, but necessary, parts to every effective presentation
  • How speaking will bring in business and add to your credibility
  • Why today’s audiences of 1 or 1000 are “different”
  • Two important ways to connect with any audience so they respond positively to ideas
  • Discover the behaviors an audience won’t forgive
  • Discover the enemy of every business speaker and sales professional
  • How to outline effective talks and sales presentations in minutes
  • How to work from an outline and look more spontaneous
  • How to open with impact and close on a high
  • How to make your presentations dynamic and memorable
  • How to find your own stories and examples
  • Understand the Fripp I-You ratio formula to improve listener buy-in for your point of view
  • How to be more effective in any speaking situation, formal or informal
  • How to overcome bad habits and minimize nervousness
  • How to be a more confident, competent speaker
  • How to interact with PowerPoint® or slides

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Learner Outcomes: 

Attendees will be able to identify mistakes most speakers make and how to eliminate them. Participants will learn how to write, present and spice up a talk or sales presentation immediately (or by the end of the session!) Attendees will learn how to use this new strength to their competitive advantage. Participants will recognize their strengths and cut years off their learning curve. Attendees will never listen to a speaker the same way again. Each salesperson will know where to find speaking opportunities to market themselves. 

Day 2

Advanced Speaking Skills:
Story Development, Theatrical Choices and Creating Original Material

  • For speakers: how to steal the show every time
  • For sales leaders: how to be the vendor of choice
  • How to make your presentations dynamic and memorable
  • What Hollywood techniques can help you craft your keynote or sales presentations
  • 10 ways to develop original material
  • How to find your own stories and examples for sales presentations
  • Watch as “magic is created” before your eyes with classmates’ examples
  • Learn the difference between “movie” and “theater” acting and how it impacts business presentations

Day Two, the “advanced day,” brings participants to a much higher level of performance.

  • Learn to be a speech coach for yourself or sales team.
  • Take advantage of award-winning speaker and in-demand speech coach Patricia Fripp’s over 20 years of experience and study!

What People Are Saying…

You are Frippin’ amazing! I absolutely loved your presentation and just wish we could have spent an entire day with you. I took a piece of you home with me by purchasing your entire set of CDs. Now, my biggest challenge is deciding which one to listen to first. So, I started with your two-day speaking school. WOW!

I’ve been speaking for almost 30 years (25 years in the corporate world, then started my own speaking business in 2005) and I’ve already learned so much from you. A lot of what you teach I’m already doing (which is comforting to know), but there is so much I can learn from you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your many talents with us.

– Nancy Barry, Motivational Speaker & Author

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Fun & Exciting Meetings

How to Outline, Design and Deliver a Dynamic Speech