Learn the Secrets of Great Comedians

The Gift of Laughter: Dialogues with Great Comedians

All you’ll ever need to know about the enjoyment, appreciation and art of performance humor. Patricia Fripp with Larry Wilde. Larry made publishing history as the author of the most popular humor series of all time. His 53 books have sold more than 12 million copies. The New York Times called him “America’s best-selling humorist.”

In this one-of-a-kind album, you will learn the inside secrets of America’s greatest comedians … you can hear the collective wisdom of the people who defined American comedy. For the first time, you will learn the most fascinating, interesting, inside stories about how Larry convinced the great comedians to share their never-before-revealed views on making people laugh.

You will hear the actual voices of:

  • Woody Allen
  • Jack Benny
  • Milton Berle
  • Shelley Berman
  • Joey Bishop
  • George Burns
  • Johnny Carson
  • Maurice Chevalier
  • Phyllis Diller
  • Jimmy Durante
  • Dick Gregory
  • Bob Hope
  • George Jessel
  • Jerry Lewis
  • Danny Thomas
  • Ed Wynn

What People are Saying…

What made the album worthwhile was not only that you were talking to the leading comedians of our time, but the analysis and vignettes that you added in the form of the dialog between the two of you. I can’t think of a better way to present the material than the interview format you used The rapport you had with the live audience also helped make the album more current and lively.

– Andy Semotiuk

The greatest information I’ve ever heard since I became a professional speaker. Every speaker should have this album. It’s invaluable.

– Bill Gove, CPAE, Toastmaster Golden Gavel Winner
First President National Speakers Association

The Patricia Fripp-Larry Wilde humor album is terrific – indeed a classic! The insights offered coupled with the remarkable live-recorded segments of the humor greats make it a masterpiece. Don’t miss this one!

– Don Hutson, CPAE
CEO of U.S. Learning

I have listened to the tapes once, and will start round two today. I am struck by the sense of immediacy and intimacy that you and Fripp captured, warm and funny, personal and vulnerable, insightful and candid. What a remarkably inspired piece of work from its original inception as an idea within you to the contemporary extrapolation.

– Steve Wilson, The Cheerman of The Bored™

Your interview of Larry Wilde was expertly crafted, extremely informative as well as entertaining.

– Laura Lagana RN

I started doing standup comedy in the fall (on top of being a speaker) and it has been a great, valuable skill to learn. Your interviews had a lot of excellent points and examples that will be helpful to me along the way. I admire your commitment to the speaking profession itself, as well as your high standards of preparation and program delivery. Thank you for those as well.

– Pavla Michaela Polcarova, CPR Coaching Services

What an awesome job you and Larry Wilde did with The Gift of Laughter album. Those recordings and the way that the two of you presented the material is not just a ‘gift,’ it should be considered a ‘national treasure to everyone interested in humor and speaking.’ Thanks for an incredible gift of laughter preserved for all of us.

– Ersell Liles

Book – Great Comedians Talk About Comedy

by Larry Wilde

Seventeen of the funniest people of the 20th Century talking about how they make people laugh!

Each engaging interview was painstakingly elicited by best-selling humorist, Larry Wilde, who spent years researching, collecting the material and recording these intimate one-on-one conversations.

Not merely for comedy aficionados, this is a book for ALL those who:

  • Love to laugh and for those who want a good, entertaining read;
  • Are curious about what makes top comedy performers tick, and the secrets behind their timeless wisdom and appeal;
  • Would like insight into comedy techniques and sound philosophies that can inspire and benefit everyone in every walk of life;
  • Aspire to careers in comedy or as professional speakers, as well as toastmasters, managers, business executives, clergy, civic leaders, lawyers — all who must interact with the public.
  • A fascinating compendium of life lessons, wit, motivation and inspiration that can be used to revitalize our own lives and careers!

Featuring big time performers including: Woody Allen, Jack Benny, Milton Berle, Shelley Berman, Joey Bishop, George Burns, Johnny Carson, Maurice Chevalier, Phyllis Diller, Jimmy Durante, Dick Gregory, Bob Hope, George Jessel, Jerry Lewis, Jerry Seinfeld, Danny Thomas and Ed Wynn.