Robert Fripp... Unplugged

21 MP3 Audio Files Recorded by Robert Fripp

Intimate Conversations with Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp… Unplugged

Robert Fripp featuring Patricia Fripp

The man behind the music… Intimate conversations with Robert Fripp produced by Patricia Fripp… the Sister

For the first time ever… experience the private side of Robert Fripp. Hear him be funny, profound, poignant and up-close-and-personal.

  • Jimi Hendrix hearing King Crimson in 1969. 
  • Hear him tease bearded, bespectacled, earnest young men.
  • Find out how the music business really is. 
  • Hear what he says about Fripp the Sister. 
  • Robert locked out of his hotel room without his trousers.
  • The indignities of being a working musician.
  • His favorite sounds when at home.
  • How his bunny runs his household.
  • How Fripp relates to his critics… good and bad.
  • How a lunch time performance was 8 hours.
  • What Robert likes to read.
  • The most heavenly place to perform.
  • How art enhances our lives.
  • Why Robert will run away from you before a concert.
  • Robert’s real life work.
  • The crafty guitarists and Guitar Craft.
  • Fripp does not play music for the money.
  • Elton John on Oprah.
  • Why it’s good to look like a mushroom.
  • Who had legs that snapped like whipcords.
  • Bill Bruford and his 30th anniversary in the business.
  • Who earned royalties for silence.
  • Why it is unlikely Robert will write a movie score.
  • When it is OK to heckle.
  • The workings and mission of Discipline Global Mobile Record Company.
  • What Fripp reads in Starbucks.
  • And much, much, more about history, music, King Crimson, Soundscapes, his life’s insights.

This collection of unique, impromptu talks took place in December 1997 and continued in the Spring and Fall of 1998 after Soundscapes performances. Why did he do this? Fripp…the Sister, the initiator and producer of this unique series truly believes it is because she told him to talk to his fans!!! Patricia, an award-winning speaker and author was at the first talk in Alexandria, VA in December 1997. They celebrated an early holiday vacation together before his tour. When Fripp the Sister discovered Brother had recorded these classic gems she took it upon herself to produce and package them for the Fripp enthusiasts. Now, for the first time, get a glimpse of the man behind the music.

TheRobert Fripp Unplugged series includes 21 downloadable MP3 files. Produced by Patricia Fripp, an internationally-acclaimed professional speaker and presentation and speaking skills coach. Robert talks just to you for 6 hours+ of his favorite Soundscapes.

As fans of Robert know he rarely gives autographs. However, never under estimate the power of a sister!!!

What People Are Saying About Robert Fripp… Unplugged

Dear Sister, Thank you so much for making my boyfriend’s birthday so special. He was thrilled with Robert’s Unplugged CD program. He was amazed to receive the bonus of Robert’s autographed poster. I could not have given him a more meaningful gift. The framed mini-poster is sitting on his desk. The bonus CD was a great addition. Please let Robert know that this project was extremely meaningful and worthwhile to his very loyal fans.

– Vicki

Dear Robert,
What a wonderful historical document – Bravo! Hats off to The Sister, for gently goading you into this project. Very Best wishes from an elderly, bespectacled, white-bearded curmudgeon who is eagerly looking forward to whatever you next choose to unleash upon the unsuspecting world.

– John Stevens

Hi Friends, I attended Robert’s June 15 Annapolis, MD show and it was absolutely hilarious!! His equipment hadn’t arrived so, after twice inviting those interested in leaving and receiving their refund (nobody did) he spoke to his audience for over an hour until the equipment finally arrived. I shall never forget it. I am writing to inquire about more (Volume 2?) of Robert Fripp Unplugged. Will this maybe happen? I sure would love it. I have devoured the entire first set of cassettes, Robert speaking, and I have practically memorized them. Just wondering… I certainly throw in my vote for please! Best to you all.

– Eric Young

My purchase of “Robert Fripp Unplugged!” arrived
in good condition last week.

I have listened to all 6 CD’s now and am pleased that you have undertaken to make such a project available to your brother’s listening public.

Perhaps, for a man who sometimes performs ‘in the shadows’, Robert’s primary desire might be to ‘let the music speak’ as his main form of communication. Still, I am grateful to have this small glimpse into his social personality, outside of the act of music.

While I am familiar with many of Robert’s thoughts, which have been made available through the Discipline Global Mobile Web Site Diary, it is really the quality of his speaking manner that helps his personality to be better understood and appreciated.

The CD’s show Robert to be a man of considered thinking, who is concerned with issues of meaning, while also displaying a keen sense of interpersonal grace. He sometimes resonates with an impish sense of humor: the ‘trousers’ story is quietly hilarious.

Thanks again, for helping to give us an intimate glimpse, into the personality of the man behind the music.

Now, how about the California Guitar Trio Unplugged?

– Nicholas Croft

Thank you for the prompt delivery of my order of the Robert Fripp… Unplugged tapes, they arrived today.

By now I have listened to your bonus tape and the first of Robert’s tapes. To tell you about the pleasures of listening to people who have something to say and know how to, is probably equivalent to carrying the proverbial coals to Newcastle. Nevertheless, as I enjoyed being once more reminded to this today, you might also enjoy to get yet another confirmation that this indeed is the case.

A few words about the accompanying postcard: I found it very nice to get a handwritten message along with my order, it reminds me that I am dealing with humans.

– Christian Fritz

Thanks for putting these Unplugged tapes together. From the first moments of the first tape to the end of the first side of tape 8, I have simply not stopped smiling. Fun fun fun! I did find it a bit weird to hear my own voice on the Milwaukee tape though… Looking at your web site and the literature sent to me has been a real source of joy. Where to start?

Look for an order soon. Then another, and another…

It’s a good thing that my new job calls for public speaking. I can really put your ideas into practice.

– Tony Weitner

I have just completed a sixth listening of the complete Unplugged brother and wanted to thank you for making these priceless recordings available … please tell the brother that his words and thoughts and verbal expressions go a long way in aiding this basement-dwelling enthusiasts understanding of not only his music … but what I call his insight into life survival.

– Lindsay Planer

Let me say at the outset that I am content. I found the box set wonderful, enlightening, amusing.

– Craig Lehman

Today I finished the last tape in the Robert Fripp Unplugged series. First of all, I would like to thank you for the speed of the transaction. Apart from my dealings with DGM, this was the quickest delivery of product I’ve ever experienced. I listened to them exclusively in my car over a period of about nine days, thoroughly entranced.

Your brother is a good egg, as I’ve always suspected, and it was a great pleasure listening to him speak. I have to tell you about a specific incident which occurred while listening to ‘Pie Jesu:’ I was sitting at an intersection waiting for a green light while watching a line of cars turn past me from the right cross street as the music played, and I watched the face of each individual driver as they passed in tandem with the music and, for the first time in ages, felt total compassion for them to an extent that I began to cry right there. Such is the power of the music that it put me back in touch with a part of myself I’d feared to be gone forever.

I have to say that Robert’s verbal offerings were the icing on the cake. And I thank you for the generosity of the package. It feels naughty to have his autograph, but thank you. It would be great if he were to include Seattle as a stop on his speaking tour. My whole family would be there. (Yes, my wife is a fan and is dying to see the Crims play live someday!) And so, in conclusion, thank you, thank you, thank you!

– Greg Davis

I am thankful you have made the Robert Fripp Unplugged available to the fans. I have loved your brother’s music for a number of years, and I think that he is the most unique and interesting guitarists that I’ve ever listened to. Thanks.

– Brandon Stanley

As I type this, I am listening to your fine collection of your Brother’s ‘Intimate Conversations’ in the RF Unplugged tape series. I have known Robert since July 1986, when I took my first Guitar Craft course at Claymont.

When Robert spoke at this, and the many other Guitar Craft courses I have attended; I felt a great sadness that no one else but the course members could hear his words. It was akin to sand slipping through my fingers. How to record what he was saying, and yet do this without a recording device, something taboo at GC courses, for very good reason? To my delight, your taking the initiative to assemble his words at Soundscapes concerts has brought Robert’s words of passion to these, and others’ ears.

I am truly blessed to know this remarkable man, I am truly blessed that you would assembles these pearls of his Soundstage Conversations. I can see also Robert is blessed to have such a lovely, intelligent, and loving Sister. Again, thank you for the work you have done. It is obvious that Ma and Pa Fripp raised two offspring with care and love, and allowed them to realize there full potentials. I pray that one day we might meet in person. As I go to many KC/Soundscape shows, perhaps this will be sooner, as opposed to later. All the best to you!

– Michael Black
New Jersey, USA

The wonderful Robert Fripp Unplugged is genuinely moving. What a perceptive man Robert is. He helps strengthen my hold on life, also keeping the faith in being genuine, honest and true. The first time I actually saw Robert was in a BBC documentary about 15 years ago and from that day he became a role model for me. This tape set is a dream come true. Such wisdom, so much to be learned from Robert. Soundscapes have been life altering for me. Especially noticeable when I work for elderly people and now to own this set of tapes. I know that I can only benefit and continue to improve from them. Beautifully packaged, I like the Fripp kids touch. Thank you.

– Paul Bonser

Patricia, Thank you very much for your time and attention you’ve paid to me. I’m so impressed with your excellent service.

King Crimson is the number one band for me for many years, I think this is the best group in the world. Your brother Robert Fripp – the Greatest Magician ever. Now we’ve got a brilliant present which has became possible due to your own assistance, that is – Robert Fripp Unplugged!

After I listened to those tapes I discover many new things. Now I’m on the boundary of the next era – Frippolization, and I would call it FrippTalkingMusic. Also, I’m grateful for the poster with Robert’s autograph. It is surely one of the most valuable things in my collection. Thank you very much and good luck in your business. I couldn’t describe my feelings! And also my best wishes to Robert Fripp.

– Leonid Nasekailo

The collection brings a grand scope of Robert’s ideas and feelings on a myriad of subjects. At the beginning of my listening I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical that my attention could be captured for so long, but I was handsomely rewarded for my patience each time with laughter, and sometimes sadness.

– Mr. Crimson, Jeff Duke
Reviewer, Krimson News
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My name is Sylvain, I’m 38, a Film Artist working in Hollywood and a Fripp enthusiast. I do not wear facial hair or glasses and I continue, after twenty or so years to be deeply moved by Robert, his music and his thoughts. When I was a university student in the early eighties, a young man whom I didn’t know handed me a cassette of an interview conducted by Vic Garbarini of Musician Magazine.

‘You should like this,’ he said mysteriously.

Robert spoke for about an hour and changed my life. It was the first and only time that I ever heard a working musician so deeply anchoring his stance as a human being. I felt like he was a friend, a mentor.

Robert Fripp Unplugged represents for me the first opportunity in twenty years to revisit this experience and I am pleased to see that Robert never turned his back on the light which shines on him. This can be said of his music as well as his wonderful mind. I listened to Unplugged in my car, everyday, on the way to the studio where we currently develop a remake of Planet of the Apes.

I looked forward to my trip everyday, sitting in Los Angeles traffic, under concrete overpasses, listening, smiling, sometimes laughing, but always feeling comforted that I share this here planet with this lovely person.

I frequently wondered: ‘Does he know? Is he aware, of how his work and presence has become such a part of our lives, even if we never meet him?’

I saw Robert play with King Crimson, and on his own, on a number of occasions; sometimes, when he was left alone up there, fiddling with his wall of Tech he seemed fragile, even brittle. A lonely man channeling awesome forces. The taped conversations of Fripp Unplugged confirmed, for me, this bitter sweet feeling one gets in the company of a disarmingly vulnerable and human person.

Listening to this set of audio tapes has been a unique experience; a privilege, as Robert would call it.

– Sylvian Despretz

Greetings from Belarus,
I was so impressed!!!!!!! Especially by poster signed by Mr. Fripp !!!!!!! It’s rare indeed. Fantastic material. Brilliant design. Many thanks.
I hope, it was not the last release of such products from you.

– Igor Klimov
Minsk, Belarus

I wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the Robert Fripp Unplugged tapes. It surpasses my expectations in every respect. Prior to the advent of the online diaries at the DGM website, I had followed with interest the things Robert had to say in sleeve notes, articles and interviews ever since the time of Exposure, and so I came to the Unplugged set with a substantial and long term familiarity with the sort of things that he was likely to say.

What I was utterly unprepared for was the impact of hearing him actually say these things. This isn’t just a matter of hearing his voice as opposed to reading his words, for of course I’ve had that Greg Stone interview for all these years and probably listened to it a half dozen times or so. One result of having this familiarity with his speaking voice is that when I read his liner notes or diaries I sometimes ‘hear’ his voice saying the words in my mind. And yet, these new recordings have such an impact!

One passage in particular stands out. I believe it is on side 2 of tape 2, when he first tells of having played the benefit at the church for the dance group. The joy and serenity in his voice when he speaks of the experience is palpable and infectious, and as he goes on describe his feelings regarding things that he considers to be violations, I felt that I really understood this for the first time. As often as I’ve read him on the subject and had an intellectual understanding and reached the rational conclusion that one should honor his wishes, hearing him describe it (especially in contrast to his fond reminiscence of the church performance) made me *feel* an understanding of it. Simply stunning.

– Mark J. Moerman

Just made my way through the Robert Fripp Unplugged series of tapes, and I would suggest to anyone who views the ‘Artist’ Fripp as an Autocratic Ruler of all that is Crim, to seek out and listen to these tapes. I’m sure if all the bootleggers and Photo Invaders could hear the eloquently spoken words of Fripp the ‘Gentleman,’ they would have an entirely different opinion from the rants that keep appearing on the pages of Elephant Talk.

A particularly enjoyable yarn, regarding a Vicar, sums it up better than any kind of persuasive argument from any ET’er. This is a marvelous series of 9 tapes recorded after the Soundscapes tour shows, with Fripp the ‘Gentleman’ taking questions from the audience. It gives great insight into the Man, the Muse, Motive, and dare I say it, the sense of humour, behind his so called ‘Heaviness’ regarding photos and autographs and bootlegs.

When I purchased the tapes, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after listening, I have a newly found respect for the Man who has to get into the ‘Zone’ before, and during, a performance. This is truly a gem, and I would like to thank Fripp, the Sister for providing the inspiration to put together such a package. Who knows, if you listen to these tapes, the threads on ET might be snipped, and some real constructive commentary could follow.

These tapes are a real treasure, something I will enjoy over repeated listenings.

– Mike Coffey (an earnest young man)
Toronto, Canada

Other observations mirror my own. Hearing Robert brings through the emotion in a way his writings cannot. The cassette set is highly recommended listening for all.

– Dan
dgm webmaster

Many thanks for Fripp Unplugged, delivered very promptly. I’ve listened to most of it and am happy that I took the plunge. I must admit when ordering I’d had a couple of pints of lager to loosen the wallet.

For anybody interested in the man behind the music and/or for anybody who simply likes hearing a good story well told would, in my humble opinion, derive much enjoyment from this. I, on the other hand, thought it typical of just another Fripp outing. I could do with more of this!

– Neil Toolin

IT CAME TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I THINK I AM IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus to hear two of my questions answered on this tape is at once embarrassing and touching … I was at the 1/14 and 19 ’98 performances …

– Lindsay Planer

After listening to my copy of Robert Fripp Unplugged … for those who would like to really get to know Fripp the Brother … talk to The Sister … absolutely brilliant and funny and touching … God Bless you Robert Fripp … whomever you are! Bless you for the teachings and humour you both provide – the world is indeed blessed by the Fripp siblings. Thank you so much again Sister Fripp.

– Michael Horne

Robert, I am thoroughly enjoying your Unplugged collection – many thanks to you and your sister for making this available.

– Laura K. Sherman

Re: Unplugged

It, in and of itself, provides the neophyte (read: wife and friends) with some insight into the workings of Robert’s mind. Like it or not, this is who he is. He lives for his art, and believes in himself 6 days out of 7. Self-assured, amusing, and downright charming by turns, Robert Fripp is an Icon of Pedantry – but I love him, in my own weird way.

– Glenn Gamblin

I would just like to reiterate the recent praises of the Robert Fripp Unplugged cassette pack brought to you by Fripp the Sister. …I have enjoyed the tapes! Though being a lover of Brother’s music, I enjoy his comments and stories on the music business as well. Me, being in the TV/video/film business, I find I relate a lot to Brother and his experiences. So having this tape series has been nice to listen to. And Brother can be so funny, can’t he? :)

The RFU series will also prove to you how valuable Robert Fripp is to the music world. His ideas, disciplines and appreciation of music transcend those of the retching world of ‘the music industry’ Not only do you hear about that but you also get to hear some good, funny stories from the road told in the well versed, thought out manner and in proper English to boot! The only way Robert can! So I recommend the cassette pack to the King Crimson/Robert Fripp enthusiast as well as the practicing musician as I believe there is valuable information contained in this series and very entertaining as well. Take care and visit Krimson News often! 😉

– Kade

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