The Odd Couple® Victory Lap

What Attendees Are Saying…

LaForest Consulting

In The Odd Couple, Alan and Patricia facilitate and foster an amazing
intersection point for business people seeking growth and advancement
. I
learned specifics on marketing strategies, building client relations,
passive income development, value-based fees, overcoming client obstacles
and business challenges, etc. The list goes on and on! I am grateful for
their authentic, candid and humorous coaching.

Expect to meet and learn from
not only these stellar instructors, but also the bold and talented group
they attract. If you want to quickly improve your impact and business
– start here, now!”

– Sara LaForest
LaForest Consulting, LLC

Thank you for an amazing weekend. At the 2008 Odd Couple I learned, laughed and loved every minute. I attend many seminars for speakers and coaches. This is the BEST ever!

– Rhonda Sher
Two Minute Networker

Circumspex LLC

What a fantastic event! You are always surpassing my expectations. Thanks again.

– Dave Mistick, President
Circumspex LLC

It was nice to meet you this past weekend at The Odd Couple Seminar. I learned many new things this weekend and discovered new ways to market myself and my skills. It will take me a while to digest all of this information…

You and Alan certainly are different in many ways, but you work together so well, I look forward to being able to see the two of you work together again. Thanks again for a memorable weekend.

– Roger B. Ross, Owner
Cornerstone Software, LLC


Thank you for the 2006 Odd Couple workshop. The sharing of your experiences and suggestions are most appreciated. I have started working on my one page, redoing my website and contacting my many consulting clients and letting them know that I am now available for keynote speaking and workshops on the subject of Leading Quietly.

– Richard Putz, Chief Strategy Officer

The Odd Couple was worth ten times what I paid.

– Craig Valentine, MBA
1999 World Champion of Public Speaking

Thank you so much for an amazing two days in Vegas at The Odd Couple Seminar. As I’ve felt in previous Odd Couples I’ve attended, I was taken with your generosity, your willingness to share how this is done, your eagerness for others to be as successful as you.

What I appreciated most this time was hearing how you develop relationships
that are open-hearted at their beginning when you offer to be of help, that also prove to be of long-term business benefit.

The other benefit I got was hearing how you’ve been transitioning your business, and I don’t mean ‘how do you spend a typical day;’ but how you take a canny look at yourself, your market and your opportunities and you change your business model accordingly. What a smart woman. I’ll bet your coaching clients feel lucky to have you in their tool kits.

It was a wonderful workshop, packed with so much learning I actually used up all the note paper I brought…and that never happens! Please pass along my gratitude to your web guru. I valued your and her comments on my web site, which I immediately communicated to my web dude and put to work. Also, while I sent a note to the folks at The White House, I wanted to tell you how thoughtful they were, how eager to make sure we had a great experience. And I did.

– Rose Jonas, President
Henman Consulting

I thought the Odd Couple 2005 was great. As someone who learns by repetition and using real cases, this was just what I needed to motivate me to move my business yet again to a higher level, particularly with all the how to content. It’s easy to feel motivated, but without the strategy for next steps the motivation leaves. Since the Odd couple I have started to review my websites, have written two articles, had articles placed in over 20 new online publications, and I have been reviewing my videos in order to create a new demo video to put on my website.

– Simma Lieberman, President
Lieberman Associates


I always learn something new, and just one idea pays for the seminar many times over. I had urged my friends to attend, so I’m very happy they were all 100% satisfied…

– Dr. Joachim de Posada
International Speaker, Author and Consultant

Merck, Sharp & Dohme

At The Odd Couple Seminar, I learned to be awake and follow my dream and passion. I just started a book and a web site, and some of my articles will be published next month. Also, I received a lead from a fellow attendee about a Spanish-speaking conference.
Everything is running GREAT! And I know that 2006 will be wonderful for me. Your web site articles, CDs, DVDs, and you in person have helped me a lot. I want to be like you in Latino

– Ydalmis Carrasco Mena, MBA-HCO, Promotion Manager
Merck, Sharp & Dohme

The Monday after the 2004 Odd Couple Seminar, I met with a new prospect for the first time, used the process you outlined. After 90 minutes, including a walk-around of his operations, we agreed on the proposal. I e-mailed it to him, went to Mazatlan for 3 weeks; via email he said “Let’s do it!” I met with him day after my return where I reinforced the value aspects (and helped him understand why flat fee better than hourly) of the proposal, he wrote a check for full fee. I began my work executive coaching for him and his senior manager the following week; will complete it mid-February, will likely continue on extended contract after that.

Besides a lucrative payoff and a wonderfully short contracting time, it was fun seeing it all come together. Thanks for the information.

– Bernice Johnston

The Odd Couple is the best money I ever spent in my business. So much that has been positive has happened since.

– Michael Harris, Principal
Marketing Turnaround Consulting

The Odd Couple Workshop is a truly unique experience. It’s a fun, funny, and fabulous way to increase your knowledge and ability to market your professional services. I’ve attended the last three and continue to learn valuable lessons each time. Alan and Patricia have both practical and brilliant advice. This could well be one of the best investments you will make in your consulting, coaching or speaking business. As they always promise, each session is different and small enough for individual attention, yet large enough for wonderful

– David R. Palmer, Ph.D.
Marketing Consultant, Mentor, Speaker

Thanks to what I learned at The Odd Couple Seminar, I have a $15,000 speaking engagement in South Africa, and I was interviewed live on CNBC. I’m also self-publishing a booklet on healthcare fraud and working on a book proposal. The Odd Couple was worth every penny. Thank you.

– Robin Mathias
Mathias Consulting

It is two weeks today since I landed back in Australia with a head crammed
full of ideas after attending the Odd Couple program.

It was the most practical program I have ever attended because it forced me to rethink the old. Since returning home I have:

  • Developed a presentation (press) kit
  • Written a contact letter for getting back in touch with old contacts
  • Written an article titled “Maximise the Value of Your Business” for inclusion in the kit
  • Rewritten my services flyer
  • Started work on redefining my website
  • Defined a perception-building program for the re-launch of my speaking/consulting business in January. The list goes on.

The Odd Couple is a great value program full of practical, thought-provoking ideas. If anyone is not sure whether to attend, tell them to contact me. Thanks again.

– Michael Harrison

I walked away from The Odd Couple seminar with copious notes and tons of great memories. You and Alan have immeasurably assisted my career. There is no question that I or one of my staff will be attending next year. In our final moments, I tried, with faltering language and emotion, to express how much I appreciate your integrity. Without any hint of protectionism,
you genuinely want to give away as much of your information and yourself as possible. You were totally absorbed in making sure we all left with chunks of expertise and experience attached
to our brains and hearts. Thanks. It is hard to find that selflessness in our industry. I look forward to staying in touch with you.

– Cal LeMon, President
The Executive Edge


I really enjoyed the 2002 Odd Couple seminar. This is the third time I have attended, and I still keep learning and will be back again. A big thanks to you and Alan for all that your Odd Couple Seminars have done to help me improve my business.

– Larry Edwards, President
Edwards & Associates Consulting

You know I have always learned from your speeches, even though I have seen them continually over the last 15 years. But, OH, MY GOSH! I cannot thank you enough for the information you presented, the people I met, and the opportunity to talk about media training. You and Alan delivered good, pragmatic information just when I needed it.

– Shirley Davalos
Media Coach

Thank you so much for offering the Fripp Speaking School and Odd Couple Seminar. The entire weekend was wonderful and inspiring! You easily took two years off our learning curve and saved us from making mistakes that would have cost much more than the price of admission.

Polly and I reviewed our notes and brainstormed on the flight back to Dallas, and we have chosen and dated our three Immediate Action items. One of them–to get our first book published before next year’s Odd Couple–will keep us very busy. Besides refining my speeches and writing new material, I am contacting the leads that were generated by networking with the other attendees and by my ‘fish bowl’ appearance. Polly is designing and implementing the website and Goldmine. After we finish those, we will assign three more Immediate Action items from
our notes.

We are on our way, thanks to you, Alan, and all the Frippies!

– Nancy Cramer, President
Cramer Presentations

Thank you for the great insight you shared during The Odd Couple. While I’m still struggling with writing my value proposition, I found your insight during my fish bowl exercise particularly helpful. Right now, Money Talks is reinforcing some of the things you mentioned during the conference.

– Michele Payn-Knoper

Thank you for the great information at The Odd Couple Seminar. I’ve already made numerous changes to my website, am further researching GoldMine, and I’ve upped my prices! I’m looking forward to 2002 to see how my bottom line is impacted by all these great ideas. You are to be commended for sharing your thoughts and resources so freely. You are making the world better in more ways than you know.

– Marnie Green

What a great time! The experience and knowledge Fripp and Alan shared is immeasurable. THANK YOU! Also, I hope you choose to have the Odd Couple event again next year, as I would like to come again and it would push me to assure my development keeps pace.

– Ron Legowik

Savage International

Thank you so much for the wonderful four days. Before the seminar, I was wondering how you would find enough material to fill four days. Not to worry! You gave us an intense, information-packed and highly-energetic course, filled with real-life examples.

I was amazed at your unflagging energy and your personal interest in each of us. I loved the way you came early, stayed late and hung around during breaks. I used to want to escape from the crowd. Now, after watching you, I will be deeply involved from start to finish.

Your coaching on my opening lines was profound. Your coaching helped me not only with my opening; I will use the same principles throughout my entire speech. Pause, pause, pause. Cut out unnecessary words. Don’t prance around so much. Finish each sentence on a key word. Stand still when making a profound point. Pause, pause, pause. Tell personal stories. Don’t tell
jokes. Pause, pause, pause.

I put ‘advanced’ on my questionnaire, because I have been speaking
all my life and thought I was pretty darn good. In retrospect, I should have put ‘intermediate’ because you have shown me a whole new level of performance. Thanks again, Patricia, for your passion, your enthusiasm, your knowledge.

– Steve Savage

Thank you for one of the most exciting seminars I have attended. For one thing, it was pure fun – listening to your stories, participating in the class, and meeting other students. For another, it was fascinating just to observe you performing your craft all day – speaking, moving, and gesturing. I tried acting as an observer noticing what a typical audience would not notice, but I couldn’t resist the seduction of being entertained at all times! Although I need a LOT more education about writing and delivering a speech, it gave me a place to start so I don’t feel as much like a fish out of water.

Many, many thanks. I look forward to taking more workshops or working directly with you on my presentations. (Also, my sister has started giving professional speeches. I told her to RUN to your seminars for help. She begins her speeches with ‘good morning,’ so I know that she needs your golden touch!)

– Lori Silver
Attorney at Law

The most valuable thing about The
Odd Couple presentation Patricia Fripp and Alan Weiss gave this past weekend was the generosity of spirit that pervaded the entire weekend. It created an amazingly supportive environment and made it obvious that meeting our needs for information was their primary concern. Every one in attendance saw demonstrated the difference between merely imparting useful information and serving the needs of their clients—which is what their combined efforts is all about.

I benefited specifically as a beginner from three very useful sets of tips:

  • I know how to sell, but you showed me how to get to and effectively deal with the buyer in this industry.
  • I have a website and newsletter, but you showed me how to integrate them, make them interactive tools, and increase my outreach through them.
  • I know how to network, but you showed me where to network effectively.

Many, many thanks for an excellent weekend.

– Dr. Shoshana Zimmerman

Thank you for a wonderful four days. You delivered far more than promised – I took more than three times the notes I took at the NSA Convention in Dallas this summer! It was all leading edge, useful information.

As you know, I’ve been speaking for 15 years, and built a multimillion-dollar business around it, but I still found plenty of great information to think about (and act on) in
both your speaker skills sessions and The Odd Couple Marketing and Strategy sessions.

I found the Fripp Presentation Skills sessions immensely valuable for showing me how to take the huge mass of material I have in my seminar and turn it into a stunning one-hour speech.

As I said at the seminar, I was terribly impressed by Fripp’s mastery of the material, your ability to think on your feet, and your clear willingness to learn as well as teach. Those, plus a dedication to delivering tremendous learning to the students, made the program one of the best educational experiences I’ve had.

I’m already looking at my calendar for next year to see if I can
come again. Although I told you we couldn’t come up with the budget to bring you in for our February meeting, I would like to send one or two people out for individual coaching in the
next year.

Please feel free to quote me or use me as a reference at any time. Thanks again for a wonderfully valuable program.

– Robert Bradford

I have recommended The Odd Couple Seminar and the pre-event workshops to several people and hope they follow through. Each week I implement one more thing I learned from you and Alan. There are 50 layers of understanding to your tips and tools, and I keep peeling back the layers. I may be seeing the two of you for a refresher, or should I say, a booster shot, in November.

– Cheryl McLaughlin

I attended your Odd Couple seminar in November and I want to say THANKS!
Having just attended another professional speaking event–your program is far more valuable than anything I saw or heard there. I learned a lot from you and Fripp, but I didn’t realize
how much until after I had attended the other meeting. I suppose it’s like driving a Ferrari for your first car: you know it’s good, but you can’t tell how superior it is until you drive a Chevrolet. Well, I’ve just driven the Chevy — and I want the Ferrari!

One thing I learned in the Odd Couple seminar was to keep the wheel spinning. Since then I’ve:

  • Finished a book
  • Gotten several articles in the pipeline
  • Developed two speeches
  • Finished an electronic newsletter (will send to you)
  • Developed an executive seminar (and selling at executive rates)
  • Scheduled to teach two 1-day seminars
  • Partnered with several consulting companies.

I may be ready for the mentor program because I want to dominate this niche, be THE expert, like the ‘Telephone Doctor’ you mentioned in the Odd Couple. Perhaps we could have a conversation about that possibility.

In any event, Alan, thanks again for your insights during the Odd Couple program. I took over 70 pages of notes during your program and less than one during the other meeting.

– Peter Birkeland

Since attending The Odd Couple Marketing and Strategy Seminar where you put me in the ‘hot seat’ to get coached as part of the fireside chats, I’ve had four speaking engagements. I rewrote my speech for The Christian Women’s Clubs from ground zero using your principles and got a very good response at both club meetings in December…one was a repeat from last year, so I put in a lot of effort to make sure the talk was fresh.

I also wrote a brand new keynote which I did for the National Honor Society this month ‘Three Mile Markers on the Road to Your Future’…it went extremely well.

It was hard to hear your direct feedback in San Francisco, but I have worked really hard to respond to it, and the results have been great.

– Gene Mage, President
Soaring Oaks Consulting Inc

I have attended three of the Fripp & Weiss Odd Couple Marketing and Strategy seminars. There is such an overwhelming amount of content it takes a while for all the information to be absorbed. But Weiss’ value-based pricing ideas are finally starting to make an impact with me both mentally and financially.

Within two weeks after the last Odd Couple weekend, a partner and I were asked to quote for a unique writing project. It was for business-collateral that usually wasn’t humorous, one writer had already blown the project, and the copy was needed in two weeks so it could be printed in time for an upcoming trade show.

Trying to bill based on value to client, rather than the time and effort it would take us to do the project, we quoted a figure that was THREE times what I would have been comfortable charging before attending the Odd Couple seminar (and even then, I would have thought I was well-paid at the one-third fee).

After our quote was accepted without hesitation, the price issue never came up again which told my partner and I — we had charged too little!

So many speakers talk about being of service to the client, but Weiss demonstrates the need to be of service to the client – AND to be properly compensated for one’s service to the client.

– John Cantu, Humor Writer and Coach

Arbonne International

What an awesome seminar. I am so happy that I came in two days early to attend your speaking workshop. The training far exceeded my expectations. I left feeling focused, inspired to be better and do more. My confidence level has definitely gone up as I have been talking to everyone (coming out punching and they are all responding very enthusiastically). Anyone who wants to have that competitive edge needs to take your seminar. The presentation skills you learn alone are enough to build your business.

– Sandra Tillinghas
Arbonne International

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent with you and Alan, and learned a ton! Patricia, you are a master at crafting speeches. But I believe your greatest gift is helping people find their golden nuggets, turn them into art, and realize they can make a difference. You’re a combination of surgeon and artist, bumble bee and butterfly, laser and diffuse light. It was fun to watch you work.

– Cheryl McLaughlin

Just a quick note to let you know again how much I enjoyed the workshop! You and Alan really opened my eyes, and I learned a tremendous amount. Please do it again next year and I will be there!!

– Shawn Ricks
Real Solutions, Inc.

The Odd Couple is a watershed experience. I was moved to awe by your total commitment, Patricia, to every student’s advancement. In fifteen minutes of coaching from you, my ‘Psychology of Peak Performance’ speech improved by 100%! As an expert in peak performance, I knew I was in the presence of a master. I have never worked with someone with such a deep ability
to grasp the gems in student talks and polish them to a high lustre!
You really are a jewel. Anyone in your speech coaching will be blessed indeed!

– Lynn D. Johnson, Ph.D., President
Solutions Consulting Group, Inc.

Thanks for speaking subject clarification (invaluable) and PUSHING me over the edge, creating the opening. YOU’RE AMAZING …a ‘Duracell’ battery in action!!!!

– Suzanne Robles

The Odd Couple was lots of fun. This is the 3rd time I have had the experience and will keep coming back. Alan is so simple, so straight forward, and so extraordinarily cogent — and he sure does think BIGGER than most of us. I especially appreciate the fact that like you and I, he achieved something without being born into an IVY league environment.

– John Cantu

Thanks for the information and assistance at the Odd Couple. It was
time and money well spent.

– John Martinka

Fripp’s weekend seminar was the best money I ever invested in my career. I got dozens of ideas to implement now and later.

– Joyce Gioia-Herman

watched Alan Weiss speak several times. He takes home over
$1 million a year speaking and consulting. Audiences write
pages and pages of notes when he speaks. He leaves your head
spinning, your fingers aching.
Then he gets invited back again.
And again.

– Burt Dubin
Professional Speaking Coach

Your seminar was ‘better than an NSA convention’ as far as content and learning.

– Joel Blackwell

The Odd Couple seminar last weekend was much more than I imagined.

– Leslie Barrett

That was the most educational program I have ever been to in terms of takeaway learning. Fripp, I loved that you talked about being a shameless self-promoter and then taught us how to do it. One hour was worth the price of the whole weekend.

– Simma Lieberman

The Odd Couple seminar was outstanding! With the two of you presenting together, there was never a dull moment. The seminar was fast-paced, high-content, and extremely entertaining. The breakout session with Alan was excellent, and it’s good to know that we will get your session on tape. We found the seminar valuable both for speaking and consulting.

– Norman and Emma Pefley

The Odd Couple was fabulous! It was a great demonstration of what the best presentations should be – high content and loads of entertainment. The contrasting styles that you and Alan brought to the platform insured that participants would receive the message whether they had an enthusiastic (Frippy) or a contrarian (Weiss) mindset.

– David Eastman

Just wanted to say thanks again and I admire your incredible dedication and hard work – I’m sure you’ve heard that a million times before 😉

– Philippa Gamse

Excellent sessions this weekend. Your generosity of spirit and information was extraordinary — which for you is the norm. Thanks for all your effort in making it happen.

– James McCormick

The BOTH of you gave me more take-home value than I have received during any of the NSA National Conventions I have attended.

– Bob Podd

Loved the Odd Couple Weekend. I was there with my business consultant; Fripp and Alan confirmed every good piece of advice she has given me. In addition, you added many new ideas that I will put directly into my 1999 business plan. From your mouth to my action, that’s a weekend well spent!

– Steve Waterhouse

There is nothing more exciting than learning from people who are passionate about what they do and do it so well. The seminars combined inspiration and an enormous number of practical tips and step-by-step procedures for launching a successful speaking business. In most seminars, you are grateful to get one or two good insights. In these seminars, you get two good
insights in the first few minutes. Patricia and Alan are generous with their insights and information — and deliver them in an entertaining fashion that demonstrates why they are so
successful at what they do. No one leaves disappointed.

– Shelley Canter
RJC Associates

Weiss is a worldwide expert in executive education.

– Scott DeGarmo, Former Publisher
Success Magazine

You delivered a fantastic program full of new concepts for most of us. I found the value-based, maximizing fees the topic that makes the most sense so that we can allow ourselves enough
time to develop outstanding, quality programs for our customers.

My daughter Debbie, who is a consultant and just started a new business
with a partner, was excited when I told her about Alan’s value-based pricing program. She has heard of it and wanted to do it, but couldn’t find anything on it. She will get the consulting
and book proposal books from me for her birthday coming soon.

The visuals, promotional materials gave me hundreds of ideas. The Odd Couple is a great concept. By showing us the differences on how each of you run your business, it gave us many options to determine how we can run our business. It also helped demonstrate that there is more than one way to run a successful speaking/consulting business.

– Anonymous

Patricia, thanks for all your efforts to put on a value-based program. It definitely was worth more than you charged, but one never knows that until AFTER we have attended. I signed up because it was on marketing and because of your name. I knew that anything you sponsored would be excellent and it was.

I came away with so many ideas and techniques that I will use. I highly recommend this program to any speaker whether they are beginning or a longtime professional who wants to maximize their fees to charge what their services are really, really worth and give the best value to their clients. By using this approach I will be more focused on the benefits to my clients
and do a better job for them once I know what they really want.

Truly you two work well together as leaders in your fields. I am so glad I decided to make that choice to sign up and come to your workshop.

– Joan Clout-Kruse

a great seminar!
I am actually revisiting speaking as I churn
all the good stuff I learned. Many things Alan said will help
me immediately with my consulting and with my sales process.
You were brilliant and I saw you do a number of things better
than ever before — pack more how-to info into shorter time,
cover a nuts and bolts topic with greater precision drama
and “throughline” (theme unity) — I’m thinking especially
about how you told your story and made it a teaching tool
for how to get started in the business — , and the playing
off you against Alan was a first, too! Thanks so much for
the great positioning for me in our session
. I really had
fun with that.

– David

Patricia, walking into your Odd Couple Seminar, I had confidence. On
Sunday night, my confidence had escalated tremendously. Your
advice to get off our “ass” and do something was priceless.
Thank you. Re: your first Frippicism in your book had me thinking
all week. “Show me a week of your life. . .” It kept me on
focus all week. Everytime I waivered…that quote came to
mind to bring me back. I had the most powerfully focused week
I’ve ever had
. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

– Connie

I continue
to learn from you, and feel blessed to get to be involved
first hand with your evolving creations which you so genuinely
and shamelessly present to the world! The Odd Couple was
magically synergistic…a wonderful blend of two styles that
complement and contradict
…just as in life! Your candid discussions
about fees and actual experiences gave me a good picture of
what to expect in the speaking world. I appreciated you sharing
how you handled an increase in your fee. Know that I am one
of those who sees you being worth much more! I respect and
learned from you how you handle the bigger picture of what
the actual fee and future business involves. Your expertise
is priceless!
Thank you for including me and sharing your
great knowledge and passion…

– Vicki

1) Ok…now
you officially can say – ‘I taught him everything he knows
about the speaking business.’

2) So, this morning I call my client for whom I am presenting
tomorrow night, after dinner, after drinks and maybe after
they never want me again, and say, ‘Could we move the presentation
up to a before dinner presentation?’ Patricia, I heard your
story, which reminded me of several of my own horror stories,
and moved to get this one rescheduled.

3) Look at my new e mail signature statement. This is as a
result of the weekend.

4) Comments… You said ‘make yourself 1% better everyday’…you
moved my speaking career several miles in two days! We met
with our team at 7 AM Monday morning to start implemeting
the ideas we gained from the weekend. Even though the seminar
was on my birthday, I attended because I knew you two would
deliver career changing marketing information … you exceed
my expectations

– Gary
GCP Communications

The Odd Couple were dynamic, funny,
and, best of all, gave us what we came for… practical suggestions
and solutions to move us forward in the business of speaking
and consulting
. Alan Weiss and Patricia Fripp are a treasure
chest of speaker’s wisdom

Loring, Actress, Singer, Speaker
Author of “Parenting
a Diabetic Child”

my perspective – and this is not just a ‘say something to
make you two feel good’ – I had full value by the first break
(10:15am Saturday)
. Overload of useful practical info THAT
COULD BE APPLIED MONDAY – the day after the seminar ended
(and in fact I am implementing a couple of them today). From
a humor coach’s perspective, it was a perfect blend of priceless
content and light repartee
. If Nido Qubein or Zig Ziglar had
been in the audience THEY would have been taking notes on
the content. If Neil Simon had been in the audience, HE would
have been taking notes on the humor.

– John Cantu, Humor Writer and Coach

and Weiss were brilliant as expected. What an extra benefit
to be part of an intimate gathering hearing Dan Maddux, Executive
Director of a 15,000 member Association tell me how to market
to him!! His ideas of designing marketing materials were invaluable. My investment in the weekend came from that mini session alone.

– Patricia

Odd Couple delivered more speaking business street-smarts
per hour in 2 days than anybody else on the planet in 2 years

– Burt
creator of the Speaking Success System

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