Do You Know How to Ensure That Your Audience Is Interested?

Keeping the audience interested... Executive Speech Coach and Creator of Fripp Virtual Training, Patricia Fripp.

Executive Speech Coach and Creator of Fripp Virtual Training, Patricia Fripp knows how to keep an audience interested.

Q: What is the secret of delivering a good presentation?
A: The audience is interested.
Q: How do I know that they will be?
A: If it is interesting, entertaining, and your audience can see themselves in your presentations… your audience will be interested.

Therefore, ask yourself these three questions:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What is their interest in my subject?
  • If they embrace my subject what is the result to them?

In other words, we are often “selling” the result of what we are addressing in our presentation, not the presentation itself. I share more on capturing your audience’s interest in this brief video:


How to Report to Senior Management without Being Nervous

Conference Room Report to Senior Management

You can report to senior management without being nervous, whether it’s a formal presentation or a boardroom conversation.

As a Presentation Skills Expert, I’m often asked, “Patricia, how do I report to my senior management without being nervous?” The secret is to be prepared, clear, concise, and to act confident. Now, how do you appear confident when you’re nervous?

First, prepare. Script out exactly what you are going to say, at least the opening of your presentation or conversation. It could be as simple as, “Thank you for the opportunity to update you on our project” or “The purpose of our meeting is to . . . ” or “As you will remember, at our last meeting you challenged us to . . .” (more…)

The Dirty Little Secret & What You Can Do about It

Clapping Hands The Dirty Little Secret of Training

An audience will forget most of what they’ve heard in a training session, especially without repetition and reinforcement.

I’ve been paid to speak, train, and consult for over 35 years. I will let you in on the dirty little secret of the training industry… When you have a great speaker delivering content the audience is genuinely interested in, even in the most ideal situation, two weeks later the audience will have forgotten 70% of what they heard. Certainly the 30% your audience actually remembers can and usually does make a big difference – if they’re committed. However, the best way to maximize your investment in training and coaching is repetition and reinforcement. (more…)

How to Save Time Preparing Your Presentation

How to save time in creating your presentation? An efficient creative process starts with a white board, flip chart, or yellow pad.

Do you know how to save time in creating your presentation? An efficient creative process starts here.

Have you thought, “Wish I could create a great presentation without spending hours on it!”?

Let me show you how to save time when preparing your presentation. Why not speed up your preparation process by learning from someone else’s 30-plus years of experience? After delivering 3,247 presentations in-person and online, coaching hundreds of executives, sales teams, engineers, and high-priced professional speakers, I can guide you through the steps to creating and delivering successful presentations. Not only will you master the basics of the creative process, speech structure, and opening with impact, but you will also develop greater confidence.

Don’t start by immediately jumping into PowerPoint to create your slides. (more…)