How to Rehearse for Your Talk

How to rehearse to ensure your presentation is a success.

Rehearse to ensure your presentation is a success.

You’ve edited and fine-tuned a written version of your talk. Now you’re going to rehearse it. You might think practicing your delivery is too much trouble. Or, maybe you feel like you don’t have time to rehearse? Rehearsal is essential to the success of your presentation. (Don’t think you can skip it.) You’ll be glad you did.

How to Rehearse

1. Record yourself reading your talk out loud to check on timing and emphasis.

2. Prepare outline notes. Even though you’ve dedicated significant amounts of time and energy to creating a written version of your presentation, you’re NOT going to read it! Nothing will put an audience to sleep faster. Instead, you’re going to speak directly and spontaneously to the audience, maintaining essential eye contact. (more…)

Make Sure Your Movement Supports Your Words – Expert Advice

Executive Speech Coach & Creator of Fripp Virtual Training, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Executive Speech Coach & Creator of Fripp Virtual Training, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Stand still at the start of your presentation. Your audience members need a moment to become accustomed to the sound of your voice, your style of speaking, and sometimes your accent. After this, incorporate movement into your presentation, only if your movements are purposeful and support your message.

Learn how to make your movements match your words. Unconscious expressions of nervous energy will detract from your message.

My friend and fellow speech coach, Darren LaCroix shares these excellent techniques to help you make the most of the stage during your presentation:

Can A Billionaire Give You Presentation Advice?

Sir Richard Branson at the eTalk Festival Party, during the Toronto International Film Festival by Richard Burdett

Where do you get your presentation advice? Even intelligent and highly accomplished individuals like Sir Richard Branson can benefit from an honest evaluation and coaching.

Speech coach and author Gary Genard is a great blogger. In a recent post, Gary discusses Sir Richard Branson’s advice on public speaking. Branson, the entrepreneur, adventurer, humanitarian, and founder of the Virgin Group, explained his approach to presentations in an article called, “My Top Tips for Public Speaking,” on the Virgin website.

Branson declared, “90 percent of the time, it is better to ad-lib rather than read from contrived speech notes. Even if you forget certain points you wanted to make, the people who are listening always desperately want to hear your passion, not just your theory.”

Gary counters, “…passion matters. But not at the expense of well-planned and formulated remarks. Actually, this sentiment is a weakness sometimes found among super-successful people. Whether it stems from anxiety … or arrogance, (more…)

How to Open Your Presentation with Flavor

Patricia Fripp shows you how to open your presentation through FrippVT.

Patricia Fripp shows you how to open your presentation through FrippVT.

How do you open your presentation? Do you immediately capture your audience’s attention? You will if you start with a strong opening. In Hollywood, the opening of a movie is “the flavor scene.” I like to relate the first three minutes of a film to the first 30 seconds of a speech. Think of sitting in a movie theater and as the film begins, you elbow your spouse or friend and say, “Oh, this is gonna be good!” Now, think of an upcoming staff meeting, a report to your manager, a team meeting, or a talk you will deliver to a service club to promote your business. At the very least, wouldn’t you like your audience to sit up and think to themselves, “Oh, this is better than I expected. What an interesting approach!” (more…)