Accent Reduction and American Accent Acquisition

The Process and Techniques

Fripp Associate, Rebecca Linquist, is our recommended Accent Reduction Specialist. Her programs are influenced by linguistic theory, speech therapy, and learning English as a Second Language, as well as Best Practices based on her experiences working with professionals and C-level employees in the Silicon Valley. Her methodology includes visual, auditory, and kinesthetic techniques, using brain plasticity to create change. These experiential techniques are critical to re-activate the dormant language learning abilities we all possess as children. She uses both traditional means and proprietary techniques to address clear pronunciation and articulation, word stress, intonation, breathing pattern modification, mouth mobility/movement, voice projection, improving loudness with speech, and alternative solutions to “slowing down” the rate of speech. Through intense, pattern-changing sessions of one hour in length, once per week, for a series of week, her programs enable profound behavioral change in her clients‚ speech.

Delivery Method

Live 1-1 personal coaching sessions at the client’s location or via the internet. Most packages include 10 or more sessions, and may include additional sessions applying the techniques and strategies learned to specific presentations, business conversations, and other client-specific needs.

Rebecca Linquist

About Rebecca Linquist

Rebecca Linquist is Fripp Associates’ recommended Accent Reduction and American Accent Acquisition Specialist. She has pioneered a program that helps non-native speaker of American English transform their speaking skills in as little as two months.

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