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Shirley Davalos

Shirley DavalosShirley Davalos brings a strong background in television production and broadcast media services.

Media Coaching

A wide variety of executives, authors, and professional speakers have benefited from Shirley Davalos’ creativity and understanding of television production and programming, both as an executive producer and media consultant.

Production and Program Development

Ms. Davalos has been producing and developing television programs independently since 1982 when she produced live talk/magazine shows for ABC and Chronicle Broadcasting in San Francisco.

Most recently, she produced health and financial news reports for CNX Media, a news syndicate. CNX produces Dr. Dean Edel’s Health Reports, Health Central website, and Quicken Money Report segments which air in 70 news markets across the nation. Ms. Davalos has had a varied career as a producer, developing a children’s program and a magazine show for PBS, which are slated for national broadcast. She has produced The Personal Computing Show, a weekly half-hour television series sponsored by Ziff-Davis Publishing that aired nationally on CNBC, Jones Computer Network, and Lifetime Cable. She has recently developed All Consuming for BayTV/ KRON-TV and was tapped by KRON-TV management to produce New Years Live and Contact 4 on BayTV. Ms. Davalos has also developed original audio programs for a direct audio Internet company, Command Audio.

Shirley Davalos has developed programs for The Discovery Channel, CKS Pictures, and Pac-Bell and has also produced, for business and corporate clients, training and promotional programs such as “Power Sewing”; “Empowering Your Front Line – How to Manage Customer Relations”; “Chevron Video Showcase”; “Ecospeak – Coming to an Understanding”; “Building a Customer Service Team”; and for Moscone Convention Center, “Centerpiece for the City”.

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Ms. Davalos enjoys on-going relationships with publishers whose authors benefit from her media training.

Partial Client List

  • Apple Computer Candice Fuhrman Literary Agency
  • Chevron Conari Press
  • Fisher Investments HarperCollins
  • KQED-TV March of Dimes
  • Moscone Center W.W. Norton
  • New World Library Pacific Bell
  • Sierra Club Books St. Martins Press
  • Victory Television

Authors (Partial List)

  • Nancy Anderson
    Work with Passion, How to Do What you Love for a Living
  • Rich Shapero
    Wild Animus
  • Daniel Ellsberg
    Secrets—A Memoir of Vietnam
  • Peter Burrows
    Backfire Carly Fiorina’s High-Stakes Battle for the Soul of Hewlett-Packard
  • Kathy Kamen Goldmark
    And My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  • Carole Adrienne
    When Life Changes or You Wish it Would
  • Scott Adams
    The Dilbert Principle
  • Gil Amelio
    My 500 Days at Apple
  • Ron Hansen
    Hitler’s Niece

Topics & Services offered by Shirley Davalos

What Clients Are Saying…

One World Health

I rarely regard people highly enough to recommend their services. Shirley is an exception. Shirley is a fantastic media coach. I love her!

Dr. Victoria Hale, Institute for One World Health
A Nonprofit Pharmaceutical Company

Fisher Investments

Thank you for sharing your expertise of the changing media industry with Fisher Investments, Inc. Your work with the client services webcasts introduced Fisher Investments to an exciting method of communicating with our clients. Your participation and ongoing process of bettering our communications with our clients is greatly appreciated. I have great value for the contributions you have made to our firm.

Sherri Fisher
Fisher Investments, Inc.
Woodside, California


You are the master of media training and a gift to our authors.

Katherine Goldmark, Senior Marketing Manager
HarperCollins, San Francisco

If you have an opportunity to work with Shirley Davalos jump at the chance! She is attentive, professional, and very generous with her time and knowledge. Her goal is to make your media appearances a success for you, your interviewer, and your audience. Her passion for her work, as well as her years of experience in the television industry, give you an insider’s view of what works and doesn’t work in media, from selecting the best wardrobe and makeup to taking an active role in the interview. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran in media, you will take a big leap in confidence and expertise after you spend a few hours with Shirley. And you’ll have fun in the process!

Nancy Anderson, Author
Work with Passion, How to Do What You Love for a Living


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