Make Decisions for Your Tomorrows Not Just Your Todays

Make your decisions for your tomorrows not just your todays. - Patricia Fripp

“Make your decisions for your tomorrows not just your todays.” – Patricia Fripp

It’s a thrill to be honored as one of the National Speakers Association’s 10 Leading Ladies! All of us have served as president of the Association over the last forty-three years.

The NSA was only 10 years old, when I became its first woman president. As young association, one of our greatest “growing up” challenges was to stop simply worrying each year, “What are we going to do this year?” and to start thinking long-term. (more…)

Your Acceptance Speech

Your acceptance speech is a combination of the personal, your personality and your connection to the group who has honored you.

How to Present to a Board of Directors

Gail was the Association Executive when I was president of the National Speakers Association. We planned the board meetings ahead of time at a health spa in Palm Springs. We would exercise in the morning, plan in the afternoon. The tough job for an Association Exec is that they have a new president every year, and it is really their job to coach the president on how to make this a productive and fun experience for the year. Some, of course, don’t want to be coached, so you have to do it very subtly. Because we don’t want to cause competition, it is better to not say, “I worked very well last year with such and such because__.” Just say, “Each person who has been president has brought something to the table.”

Information Overload

Patricia Fripp Interviews Jeff Davidson for Western Association on Living at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society

Information overload… as an association executive, your in-bin may be choking you. Are you chasing the clock too frequently? Could you use more breathing space in your life? We spoke with Jeff Davidson of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, a full-time professional speaker and author of Breathing Space: Living and Working at a Comfortable Pace in a Sped-Up Society.

PF: Jeff, in your book, Breathing Space, you talk about hanging on to too much. Give us an example.

JD: If I visit the typical association office, and I look at the desktop, file cabinet, drawers and shelves, I’m likely to see clutter. Countless executives hang onto an excessive amount of materials, and they consider their stockpiles valuable. They don’t want to throw anything away because they think the second it gets tossed is when it will become handy. Nearly everyone feels that way. (more…)