This Is The Secret to Mesmerizing Your Audience

What’s the secret to mesmerizing any audience of any size at any time? There’s a simple and profound answer. How often have you sat in an audience and been mesmerized by a speaker? Did they reach out and grab you in such a way that you thought, “Wow, the speaker’s talking just to me”? Was it the compelling content of a scintillating story?

I share this segment from FrippVT, my fast, easy, convenient way for you to become a powerful, persuasive presenter. It’s a highly-interactive, learn-at-your-own speed, online learning program. Enjoy!


When A New Relationship Is Worth Millions

How do you handle a sales presentation when a new relationship is potentially worth millions?

Use these four principles to help you and your sales team create a new client relationship.

The Hollywood Formula for Successful Storytelling – Expert Advice

Use this Hollywood formula for successful storytelling and make your presentation powerful and persuasive.

The hero or protagonist in your story is not necessarily a heroic character – just the person through whose eyes we see the story. (more…)

Success Stories – What Happens When You Market to Competitors?

Success stories are essential to powerful and persuasive sales presentations.

Success stories are at the heart of effective sales conversations.

Powerful and persuasive sales conversations always include success stories that show how products or services have specifically worked for past customers or clients. Your prospective client might be trained to resist a sales pitch, but no one can resist a good story.

When it comes to using success stories in your sales conversations:

  • How do you sell to competing companies within the same industry?
  • What happens when you can’t mention a past client by name?
  • What’s the best way to share past success stories? Tell them, or use testimonials?