How to Be a Leader Who Inspires Action & Commitment

Do you know how to be a leader who inspires action and commitment from your team? Laura Stack of Leadership USA and I recently met to talk about how leaders can inspire action and commitment. I share this recording and transcript of our webinar. Enjoy!


How Can You Grab Your Audience? Expert Advice from Hollywood

In the classic movie Gone with The Wind, Vivien Leigh captures the audience from her first moment on screen.

Grab your audience in the first 30 seconds. If you don’t, you will lose them. This is true both in movies and in public speaking.


Lost Without PowerPoint? 7 Tips to Make It Powerful

Does your PowerPoint support your message or distract your audience? Understanding when and how to use PowerPoint for maximum impact, you can make it powerful.


Technique – The Best Way to Perfect Presentations

I’m a believer in learning through repetition and practice. However, as we practice and rehearse our presentations we need to ask ourselves, “Am I practicing to improve or to reinforce bad habits?” The reality is that we are doing both.

You’re familiar with the expression, “Practice makes perfect.” No, not necessarily, but practice does make permanent.