Everyone Represents Your Company

When I was a new business owner I attended a management seminar, the speaker said something that I have never forgotten. “Your business is as good as your worst employee.” What a sobering thought.

Paul Harvey said: “For a company’s advertising strategy to work, it has to be handled not only corporately but also individually.” Haven’t you every walked into a hotel and felt like saying to the desk clerk “Haven’t you seen your commercials, you’re supposed to be nice to me” then walked into the restaurant and felt like deducting 15% for putting up with the lousy service?

I was parked in the Union Square Garage in San Francisco, I asked the young man at the counter if I could have a token to use for the ladies room, he said “we are out”, I said “that’s not very good customer service”, and then staggered, cross legging to my car. A couple of months later, same garage, different young man, I was about to give them $16.00 of my hard earned cash, I said “could I have a token for he ladies room please?” He said “we are out, but follow me”, we walked a few yards to the ladies room, he turned a lever and all the tokens fell out, he gave one to me and took the rest back to the till for the next customers. Can you imagine the first young man would not give me good service because he would have had to walk just a few steps? (more…)

Customer Service Is Everybody’s Job

Everyone in your organization must know how vitally important customer service is in your business. Good customer service starts with good training of your employees. Here are a few suggestions to help your organization keep your customers beaming and eager to come back for more. (more…)

Customer Service Means Action

Every single contact your organization has with its customers either cultivates or corrodes your relationship. That includes every letter you send, every ad you run, and every phone call you make. This includes every employee contact, from the CEO to technicians, sales force, support staff, and maintenance crews.

In other words, your business is only as good as your worst employee! It’s a sobering thought, isn’t it? How well are you training your employees to cultivate your customers? Is anyone too high or too low to count? (more…)

5 Characteristics of a Professional

1. Take advantage of every opportunity. 

I started my career as a hairstylist. At conferences I am often asked how I become a speaker, author, and executive speech coach? By noticing and using every chance that turned up. Opportunity doesn’t knock just once. It knocks all the time, though you may not recognize the sound. One technique is to learn from successful people by finding out how they achieved their success.

2. Start by asking questions.

Successful people will share their knowledge and experiences with you if you ask good questions that stimulate their thinking and responses. The quality of the information you receive depends on the quality of your questions. The key to connecting with others is conversation, and the secret of conversation is to ask the right questions. A conversation can lead to a relationship, and a nurtured relationship can produce amazing results.