Make Your Presentation a Success – Is Your Message Clear?

Casablanca Film Poster Is your message clear? Bill Gold [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Great films and good speeches have a message. Is your message clear?

What’s your message? Legendary Hollywood producer Sam Goldwyn was quoted as saying, “If I want to send a message, I’ll send a telegram.” Yet, great films and good speeches do have a message. Some recent movies consist mainly of CGI explosions and chase scenes. They’re exciting, but at the end, the audience is usually left with a big “So what?”

In a speech, the funniest or most exhilarating story will be pointless if you don’t tie it into your theme and provide a lesson for the listener. (more…)

When You’re on The Spot, Speech Structure Can Save You

Patricia Fripp explains speech structure through Fripp Virtual Training.

Patricia Fripp explains speech structure through Fripp Virtual Training.

You might already know that a successful speech starts with structure, but did you know that speech structure can save you if you find yourself on the spot without time to prepare?

Imagine this scenario… you are a consultant attending a client conference, when an executive notices you in the audience.  She says, “Hi! I didn’t know you were going to be here. We’re 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Would you mind coming up an giving us a quick report on the XYZ project?” (more…)

Lost Your Focus? An Expert Helps You Meet Your Sales Goals

Selling from the Inside Out by Tom Redmond a book to help you meet your sales goals

Tom Redmond is the author of Selling From the Inside Out and a go-to expert on the generation of and management of sales. We recently teamed up to bring you, Selling From the Inside Out: Advanced Sales Overview, part of the FrippVT Sales Series. Watch a replay of our web event and enjoy this great article from Tom to help you meet your sales goals:

“Is It Sales?”

by Tom Redmond

“Every process is either a competitive advantage or an economic drain.”
– Tom Redmond

“Every sales conversation is a captured or missed opportunity. Which will your next one be?”
– Patricia Fripp

How to Successfully Moderate A Panel Discussion


There is more to moderating a panel than asking a few questions and hoping panelists know how to respond.

My brilliant friend, Ian Griffin is a speechwriter, presentation expert, and fellow Brit. Ian and I recently teamed up for a web event to share presentation advice with the Silicon Valley Speechwriters Roundtable and Fripp Virtual Training members. Most people are aware that a formal presentation requires research and rehearsal, but keep in mind that preparation can ensure your success in all speaking situations.  If you have been asked to moderate a panel, be aware that there is more to this than simply firing off a few questions and hoping your panelists will respond with scintillating conversation. Ian shares these great tips to help you prepare: (more…)