Rock Star Communication: How to Steal the Show Every Time 3 of 4

Rock Star Communication by Patricia FrippEven highly intelligent, well-educated, and ambitious executives can find themselves at a loss when called on to deliver a powerful presentation. The good news is, even if you’re not a born speaker, you can learn how to inspire action and commitment. I share the ROCK Star Principles one shy engineer used – and you can also use too – to become a ROCK Star communicator in the business world.


Your Team… How Strong Are Their Sales Skills, Really?

Advanced Sales Skills training from Jim Pancero Leading Sales Strategist

Leading Sales Strategist, Jim Pancero, CSP, CPAE

I teamed up with leading sales strategist, Jim Pancero for an event on advanced sales skills. We discussed how individual selling style and philosophy can dramatically impact a sales professional’s success and how to gain an advantage.

In this article, Jim shows us that you cannot assume that an experienced sales professional is a competent sales professional and three of the most common fundamental skill gaps in otherwise experienced salespeople.

Fair, Unfair, Good or Bad? How Do Buyers Know?

Sales Techniques Illustration Girl Scout Cookies

What can a sales professional learn from a Girl Scout?

Science reveals that buyers make decisions based on strategic, incremental commitments. How can sales professionals sell in a way that inspires these commitments? David Hoffeld, author of The Science of Selling, was recently my guest on FrippVT Sales Series. Enjoy this excerpt from David’s book, explaining a mental shortcut the brain makes when forming judgments and how you can leverage this to increase your sales success – and enjoy a video replay from our recent conversation on The Science of Selling.

Greatness – What It Is And What It Is Not – A Bestselling Author Explains

Greatness…What It Is And What It Is Not

by Don Yaeger

At a speech to Chicago’s Hamilton Club in 1899, two years before he became president, Theodore Roosevelt spoke about Greatness.Don Yaeger Books “If we are to be a really great people, we must strive in good faith to play a great part in the world,” Roosevelt said. “We cannot avoid meeting great issues. All that we can determine for ourselves is whether we shall meet them well or ill.”

These powerful words from one of greatest presidents resonate with me and shed light on my own personal pursuit of Greatness. After spending more than 25 years as a sports journalist, I’ve come to realize that there’s no metric or method we can use to precisely measure Greatness. It is something that can’t be quantified.

An excerpt from my book Greatness: The 16 Characteristics of True Champions provides context that explains what many in the world of sports interpret as Greatness and my interpretation of what makes the Great ones Great.