Everyone Wins with Adaptability – How Adaptable Are You?

Group Conversation

Adaptable people meet others’ needs and their own. They know how to negotiate relationships in a way that allows everyone to win.

I am delighted to be speaking at the Assessments24x7 2nd Annual Users Conference, October, 8th and 9th in San Diego. Assessments24x7 provides corporate employers, industry coaches and consultants the analytical tools to benchmark their hiring processes, boost employee productivity, and maximize performance. Identifying unique personal strengths is invaluable in achieving professional happiness. Is adaptability one of your personal strengths? (more…)

Training Breakthrough Webinar Series

Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp

Just a heads up in case you are interested… Along with my good friends, Hall of Fame speaker, customer service expert, and this year’s National Speakers Association President Shep Hyken; Hall of Fame speaker, leadership expert, and popular author Mark Sanborn; and sales guru and author Jeffrey Gitomer, I am part of a Tortal Training’s Breakthrough Ideas in Training webinar series. In total, you can learn from 22 training experts. (more…)

Create Productivity on the Job: It is Rocket Science!

For many years, I have been hired to work with many great companies in their training and convention efforts. Analytical Graphics, Inc was one of the most memorable ever.

Recently, I conducted a sales presentation skills training for AGI, the Best Small Company to Work in America! (According to the Great Place to Work Institute and Society for Human Resource Management.) What a great environment! Perhaps you can adopt some of what AGI does in your company to add to your productivity and morale.

I wish you could have been there at lunchtime! Wow! Over the years I have eaten in quite a few employee cafeterias while training and coaching at client locations. However, I can honest say, I have NEVER had such great food in any company. Everyday, in the delightful employee dining room, all employees are welcome to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner…FREE! The chef and owner of the company, who provides the food, was telling me he has been providing the catering since beginning the company, which only had 30 employees. He changes the menu daily so nobody will get bored, and he enjoys the creative challenge. (more…)