Public Speaking – Are You Afraid of Failure?

Legendary Guitarist, Robert Fripp with Guitar

Legendary Guitarist, Robert Fripp (My Brother)

My brother, the legendary guitarist Robert Fripp says that with music as with speaking, “When you do something well, everyone says, ‘Oh, he’s a natural.’ ‘Oh, she doesn’t have to worry; this comes naturally.’ However, even when it appears effortlesseven with natural talent – you still need the discipline of following the process and doing the work.”

Sometimes “following the process” means pushing through experiences that feel like complete failures. My friend, Sims Wyeth, author of The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking, offers this perspective to help you better handle moments of “failure” in your public speaking:

Fail Your Way to Success
by Sims Wyeth (more…)

Pretend You Own the Company

The most important thing your work can offer you is a chance to feel good about yourself. Do you see yourself as a productive, contributing member of your company? Do you know why your company exists? When you realize what your company offers to society, you’ll be able to understand what part you play.

Work with the attitude that you own the company that employs you. (Even if you do!) You earn your money from your employer by doing more than you are paid to do. According to the “law of sow and reap,” you will get noticed for being an exceptional worker, so never worry about giving your employers “something for nothing.” More important, you’ll feel good about yourself because you will be a productive person with a part in your company’s future. Reaping the rewards of self-satisfaction, no matter what you are paid, is the true measure of the work you do, whether in love, your career, or your life. (more…)

Be a Star in Your Private Life

It’s okay to be a star in public, but the most important role you’ll ever play is in your private life.

When superstar speaker and author Scott McKain was an entertainment reporter in Indianapolis, one evening he and his wife Sherry were waiting for friends to join them for dinner. The friends arrived twenty minutes late, apologizing and giggling. They had been at K-Mart and seen a woman who looked so much like Meryl Streep that they couldn’t resist watching her shop from a discreet distance. (more…)

Save 15 Minutes a Day – Gain 2 Weeks a Year!

Save fifteen minutes a day, and you’ll gain two extra weeks a year.

How do you find the time to achieve everything you want to achieve? Suppose you were suddenly given the gift of two extra weeks each year to do anything you wanted. How would you spend this time? What would you want to accomplish? Would you increase your efforts on an existing project? Start something new? Or even use it as restorative personal time?

This gift is not a fantasy. Eliminating just fifteen wasted minutes each day adds up to ninety-one extra hours a year, more than two full work weeks. Here are some simple ways to achieve this “miracle.” (more…)