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Legendary Rock Guitarist, Robert Fripp

Legendary Guitarist, Robert Fripp

Though my brother would never use these words, to describe himself, Robert Fripp is a legendary guitarist. In fact, he’s one of Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists” of all time.

Speakers can improve their presentations by paying close attention to one element of delivery that’s second nature to professional musicians, timing. Robert suggests that speakers think about rhythm and tempo in this way: (more…)

Enjoy The Wit, Wisdom & World of Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp in His Own Words shares an inside look into King Crimson.

Robert Fripp Performing with King Crimson

By July 2018, Robert Fripp will have been getting out of vans and tour buses as a working musician for 57 years and a professional musician for 48 years. Would you like to know how he went from a tone-deaf 12-year-old with no sense of rhythm to an internationally acclaimed musician? In his own words?

While you might already know my brother, Robert Fripp as one of Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists,” you may not know him as a superb and entertaining speaker. He has an extraordinary ability to connect with an audience both intellectually and emotionally.

Robert captivates and reveals everything you ever wanted to know about him in The Wit, Wisdom, and World of Robert Fripp in His Own Words, available through Robert FrippVT. Robert went from novice to master and you can too.

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Want to Be Regarded As A Brilliant Conversationalist?

You can be a brilliant conversationalist if you ask good questions and then listen, really listen.

You can be a brilliant conversationalist if you ask good questions and then listen, really listen.

What makes someone a brilliant conversationalist? Brilliant conversationalists engage others by asking excellent questions. You can improve the quality of all of your conversations, professional and personal, when you ask good questions and then listen, really listen, to the responses. This is also one of the best ways to get smarter.

Maybe you know of my brother Robert Fripp, the legendary guitarist? He’s one of Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time. You might not know that he’s also a thoughtful and erudite writer and speaker. In truth, Robert is one of the most brilliant people I know and he listens well. He’s said: (more…)

Robert Fripp’s Favorite Grace & Engage Your Brain Before Eating

Robert Fripp performing with King Crimson.

Robert Fripp performing with King Crimson.

This is a time of the year that many friends and families get together for a special meal and give thanks, even if it is not their normal habit to do so. The grace that Brother and I have adopted works well for all faiths and is as follows.

This was the grace used when my brother Robert Fripp was in retreat with J.G. Bennett:

All life is one and everything that lives is holy.

Plants, animals and people all must eat to live and nourish one another.

We bless the life that has died to give us food.

Let us eat consciously, resolving by our labors to pay the debt of our existence.

For anyone who is interested in Robert Fripp and King Crimson check out their new website Disciple Global Mobile known as DGM. Robert Fripp says on the home page, “A small, versatile and independent website packed with exciting ways to extract your hard-earned pay.” However, there is a lot more than that. Robert is on tour with King Crimson in Europe where they are playing to sold out concert halls.

This is an article from the San Francisco Chronicle in 1999: (more…)