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Hall of Fame Speaker, Patricia Fripp Presenting with Her Brother Legendary Guitarist Robert Fripp.

Hall of Fame Speaker, Patricia Fripp & Her Brother, Legendary Guitarist, Robert Fripp

While you might already know my brother, Robert Fripp as one of Rolling Stone’s “100 Greatest Guitarists,” you may not know him as a superb and entertaining speaker. When we deliver presentations together, it’s always a delight – both for us and for our audiences. Robert has an extraordinary ability to connect with an audience both intellectually and emotionally. I was so encouraged and inspired by these closing words from my brother; I thought I would share them with you: (more…)

The Day King Crimson Exploded onto The Scene

Patricia & Robert Fripp at The Lady & the Champs Speakers' Conference 2015

Patricia & Robert Fripp at The Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference

My brother, Robert Fripp is known around the world as a legendary guitarist and a member of King Crimson, but not everyone knows he is in fact a superb and entertaining speaker!  I had the pleasure of presenting with him at the 2015 Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference. (Our presentations were recorded and are now available.) I loved this article, featured last week on the Discipline Global Mobile website – Sid Smith shares the history of a remarkable King Crimson milestone.  Enjoy! (more…)

He Was Left-Handed, Tone-Deaf & Had No Sense of Rhythm

Robert Fripp with Thomas Philpott Cabinets

Robert Fripp

While you may already be familiar with my brother, Robert Fripp, the world-renowned guitarist and a founding member of the band, King Crimson… you might not know that he is a profound and powerful speaker. Robert lives in the UK and it is always a treat (for us and for our audience!) when we get the chance to present together. Enjoy this brief biographical sketch of my remarkable brother: (more…)

Public Speaking & Performance – Are You Nervous?

Robert Fripp, Legendary Guitarist and My Brother

My Brother, Robert Fripp, Legendary Guitarist

As an executive speech coach, people will confess to me, “Public speaking makes me nervous!” Are you one of these people?

If your lack of confidence stems from a lack of experience or know-how, you can change this with help from a professional. I recommend you seek out and take advantage of public speaking articles, videos, coaching, and training. With the right help, you can quickly transform your presentation skills and gain the confidence you need. That being said, even experienced speakers get nervous.

My brother, Robert Fripp, is a world-renowned guitarist and a founding member of the band, King Crimson. I find there are many parallels between public speaking and musical performance. Both can create an adrenaline rush, and you may feel charged with energy or a bit nervous when you take the stage. (more…)