How to Get Started in The Speaking Business

If you haven’t heard the story of how I launched my speaking career, here’s a snapshot. Read below or enjoy this brief video, recorded at one of my events for speakers, coaches, consultants, and trainers:


Why Video Matters & How to Make It Work for You

Video is at the heart of my highly interactive on-demand coaching platform, FrippVT.

Video is at the heart of my highly interactive on-demand coaching platform, FrippVT. Make it work for you.

With current technology, you might not be surprised at how often I’m asked, “How do you use video in your business?”

As often and in as many ways as possible! We have a green screen, professional lighting, and great recording equipment, and my assistant has become highly proficient at adding backgrounds, images, and branding.

Videos are effective for promoting upcoming events, webinars, and for explaining how to make the most of an upcoming seminar or coaching experience. We record live speeches, cut them into segments (more…)

Professional Speakers – Do You Know How To Sell Your Speech?

Lois Creamer

Lois Creamer will show you how to sell your speech and how to book more business.

Lois Creamer knows the professional speaking business. Lois works with professional speakers to help them book more business, make more money, and avoid costly mistakes. As a speech coach and through FrippVT, I help professional speakers become consistently excellent in both content and delivery. We recently teamed up for Increase the Speed With Which You Succeed as a Speaker, part of the FrippVT web event series. If you’d like a virtual front row seat to future events with speaking industry insiders, visit my events page or sign up and we will keep you posted so you won’t miss out! Enjoy this replay of our web event and this great article from Lois:

How To Sell Your Speech

by Lois Creamer

This article is all about selling! Essential to getting engagements on the calendar will be your ability to connect with those who actually book speakers. (more…)

Make Decisions for Your Tomorrows Not Just Your Todays

Make your decisions for your tomorrows not just your todays. - Patricia Fripp

“Make your decisions for your tomorrows not just your todays.” – Patricia Fripp

It’s a thrill to be honored as one of the National Speakers Association’s 10 Leading Ladies! All of us have served as president of the Association over the last forty-three years.

The NSA was only 10 years old, when I became its first woman president. As young association, one of our greatest “growing up” challenges was to stop simply worrying each year, “What are we going to do this year?” and to start thinking long-term. (more…)