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Executive Speech Coach & Sales Presentation Expert, Patricia Fripp

Executive Speech Coach & Sales Presentation Expert, Patricia Fripp Introduces FrippVT

Successful sales presentations are always focused on your prospect’s problem, goal, or challenge – NOT on the product or the service you are offering. If a prospect believes their needs are not seen, or not of interest to you, they will never become your client. This is true for all avenues of sales and marketing. My friend Lois Creamer is an expert in branding, marketing, and sales.

In the mean time, Lois shares this excellent advice for professional speakers and consultants on why and how to create and use a positioning statement. She reminds us that in order to be effective, our sales and marketing efforts should always let our potential clients know how we can solve their problems.

Lois and I collaborated on a web training to help speakers Book More Business. You can watch a replay of this web event at the end of this blog post.

Position Yourself For Success!

by Lois Creamer (more…)

Professional Speakers – Do You Hate to Talk about Money?

100 Dollar Bills

Are you afraid to talk about money? If you aren’t willing to assign a value to your work, your prospects will do it for you and your work will probably be undervalued.

As a speech coach, I work with professional speakers to help them develop more powerful and persuasive presentations, my friend and colleague, Lois Creamer works with professional speakers to help them book more business, make more money, and avoid costly mistakes. Lois and I joined forces for our virtual event, How to Book More Business and Get Invited Back. At the end of this post you can enjoy a replay. We shared industry-insider strategies to help speakers, trainers and consultants. Here is Lois’ expert advice for speakers, explaining how to determine and negotiate your professional speaking fees:

Money Talk: Book More Business Style!
by Lois Creamer

So many times when I talk to professional speakers I hear the following, “I hate to talk about money!” My reply (and I’m only half-kidding), “Then you better get a different job. Perhaps something in retail where price tags are used.” (more…)

Introducing a Speaker? What to Do, What to Avoid

Patricia Fripp

Hall of Fame Speaker & Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

My friend and colleague, Sims Wyeth, author of The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking, shares this excellent and practical advice on what to do, and not do, when introducing a speaker.

How to Introduce A Speaker
by Sims Wyeth

First, you must be brief.

Avoid all stale and stilted phrases such as,  “It is indeed an honor…,” “A man who needs no introduction…” and “We are gathered here tonight…”

Public Speaking – Do You Move with Purpose?

Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp explains strategies for opening your speech with impact through Fripp Virtual Training.

Through Fripp Virtual Training, Patricia Fripp explains strategies for opening your speech with impact.

Stand still at the start of your presentation. Your audience members need a moment to become accustomed to the sound of your voice, your style of speaking, and sometimes your accent. After this, incorporate movement into your presentation, only if your movements are purposeful and support your message. Unconscious expressions of nervous energy will detract from your message.

My friend and fellow professional speaker, Darren LaCroix shares these excellent techniques to help you make the most of the stage during your presentation: