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Fripp Virtual Training is designed to deliver the best content-rich, interactive instruction in preparing and presenting powerful, persuasive presentations.Imagine a training program that gives you 24/7 access to one of the most in-demand executive speech coaches and sales presentation experts. FrippVT is designed to be immediately engaging and makes it fun to learn. If you are a novice presenter or a seasoned professional, you will find the content both practical and relevant. It is designed for ambitious professionals, executives, sales teams, and professional speakers. The training stands alone or can be part of a coaching and training packet.

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Powerful Persuasive Presentations Course Outline

Course 1   Getting Started Developing Your Public Speaking Skills

  • Chapter 1   Getting Started
  • Chapter 2   What You Need to Know: The Basics
  • Chapter 3   What is the Magic? Speak from the Point of View of the Audience
  • Chapter 4   The Creative Process: Where Do You Start?

Course 2   Finding Your Content: Discover the Treasure Trove in Your Life

  • Chapter 1   Once Upon a Time Technique
  • Chapter 2   Look to Your Family Examples
  • Chapter 3   You Get Paid for What You Know—Study Your Career
  • Chapter 4   Attribute Meaning Where There Is Not Usually Any
  • Chapter 5   Listen To Your Friends
  • Chapter 6   Customized Stories for Your Clients

Course 3   Speech Structure: The Skeleton Under the Flesh of Your Words

  • Chapter 1   A Quick Review
  • Chapter 2   Clarifying Your Central Theme or Premise
  • Chapter 3   Understanding the Fripp Speech Model
  • Chapter 4   The Body of the Speech
  • Chapter 5   Options of Openings
  • Chapter 6   Review, Q&A, and Challenge
  • Chapter 7   Closing on a High: Your Last Words Linger

Course 4   Connecting to Your Audience

  • Chapter 1   It's All About the Audience
  • Chapter 2   Build Emotional Connection Three Ways
  • Chapter 3   Engage Your Audience Before You Open Your Presentation
  • Chapter 4   Engaging the Audience by Your Preparation

Course 5   The Importance of a Good Story

  • Chapter 1   The Importance of a Good Story
  • Chapter 2   The Not So Basic Basics
  • Chapter 3   Enjoyed Any Good Conversations Recently?
  • Chapter 4   Compelling Storytelling Can Be Learned
  • Chapter 5   The Phrase That Pays
  • Chapter 6   Tell the Story of the War Through the Eyes of One Soldier
  • Chapter 7   Nobody Can Resist a Good Story Well Told

Course 6   You Have Choices: Options of Openings—The Techniques

  • Chapter 1   The First Thirty Seconds
  • Chapter 2   Find the Connection to Your Audience
  • Chapter 3   Setting the Scene—Hollywood Style
  • Chapter 4   Get to the Point... Fast
  • Chapter 5   The Power of Questions
  • Chapter 6   To Quote or Not to Quote…That Is the Question
  • Chapter 7   Start in the Middle of a Conversation
  • Chapter 8   An Interesting Statistic
  • Chapter 9   A Little Known Fact
  • Chapter 10   A Startling Statement or Challenge
  • Chapter 11   Set the Stage with a Story
  • Chapter 12   Relate to the Situation, the Introduction, or the Introducer
  • Chapter 13   When in Doubt... What Would Fripp Say?

Course 7   Specificity Builds Credibility

  • Chapter 1   The Quality of Being Specific

Course 8   17 Techniques to Customize Your Speech

  • Chapter 1   Want to Double Your Fee?
  • Chapter 2   Three Suggestions for Questions
  • Chapter 3   Why Not Become an Industry Expert?
  • Chapter 4   Make the Executives and Sponsors Happy
  • Chapter 5   We Can Be Heroes for More Than One Day
  • Chapter 6   The Customer Knows Best
  • Chapter 7   A Nice Problem to Have: How Do I Top That?
  • Chapter 8   Who Sends You an Invoice?
  • Chapter 9   You Know Your Subject, Now Prove Your Flexibility
  • Chapter 10   Is Luck Ever a Strategy?

Course 9   Leadership Presentations: How to Inspire Action and Commitment

  • Chapter 1   The Stakes Are High
  • Chapter 2   Is That Great Speaker Really You?
  • Chapter 3   Warm Up Before You Hit the Stage
  • Chapter 4   Do You Really Have Plenty of Time to Build Rapport?
  • Chapter 5   An Audience Will Forgive You Anything, Except Being Boring
  • Chapter 6   The Person Behind the Position
  • Chapter 7   Appeal to Their Rational Self-Interest
  • Chapter 8   A Speech Is Not a Conversation; However, It Needs to Sound Conversational
  • Chapter 9   Visual Aids Are Visual and an Aid
  • Chapter 10   Rehearsal Is the Work, Performance Is the Relaxation
  • Chapter 11   Learn from the Mistakes of Others

Course 10   Super Star Sales Presentations: The Inside Secrets

  • Chapter 1   If You Sound the Same as Everyone Else, You Have No Advantage
  • Chapter 2   What Do Poor Sales Presentations Really Cost?
  • Chapter 3   Nobody Cares About You, Only How to Solve Their Problems
  • Chapter 4   The Skeleton Under the Flesh of Your Words
  • Chapter 5   Connecting to Your Audience Two Ways
  • Chapter 6   Nobody Can Resist a Good Story Well Told
  • Chapter 7   It Is Not Your Client’s Job to Remember You
  • Chapter 8   Help! I Am Lost Without My PowerPoint
  • Chapter 9   Taking Your Message to the Next Level
  • Chapter 10   It Is Not Only What You Say, It Is How You Say It

Course 11   How to Deliver a Dynamic Webinar

  • Chapter 1   Webinars Are an Important Part of Business Communications
  • Chapter 2   What Is Your Audience Going to See When They Tune In?
  • Chapter 3   What Is Your Grabber Comment?
  • Chapter 4   Now Is the Time to Introduce You
  • Chapter 5   Let’s Get Them and Keep Them Involved
  • Chapter 6   Two More Important Tips That May Save Your Sanity

Course 12   Reporting to the Senior Management Without Being Terrified

  • Chapter 1   The Stakes Are Higher—Get Ready!
  • Chapter 2   Eight Fripp Rules for Senior Management Presentations
  • Chapter 3   Fripp’s Four Don’ts and Three Where to Starts
  • Chapter 4   Take It Home Baby! The Principles in Action

Course 13   Maximizing Your Executive Overview

  • Chapter 1 Clear, Concise, Credible

Course 14 Maximize Your Networking Opportunities

  • Chapter 1 All Speaking Is Public Speaking
    1. 1 Arrive Looking Your Best
    2. Develop a Distinctive Signature
    3. Make Your Mother Proud
    4.  Work Your Name Tag
    5. Develop an Unforgettable Greeting
    6. Make Your Introduction Apply to Whomever You Are Meeting
    7. Just Like You
    8. Take the Initiative to Start Conversation
    9. Volunteer to Be a Greeter
    10. Look for Opportunities to Be Helpful at Events
    11. Greet Everyone
    12. Travel with Your Own PR Agent

Course 15 Frequently Asked Questions and Quick Answers

  • Chapter 1 What Is the Best Way to Handle an Introduction?
  • Chapter 2 Introducing a Speaker Known to the Audience
  • Chapter 3 Practical Advice about Introductions
  • Chapter 4 The Difference between In-Person and Online Sales
  • Chapter 5 How Do You Overcome Nervousness?
  •  Chapter 6 What If My Clients Are Sloppy Speakers?
  • Chapter 7 What Is the Best Way to Connect with an Audience?
  • Chapter 8 Can You Give Me an Example of the Circular Speech Structure?
  • Chapter 9 How Do You Stand and Move on Stage?
  • Chapter 10 How Do You Make My Team Meetings More Exciting?
  • Chapter 11 How Do You Successfully Copresent?
  • Chapter 12 How Do You Copresent When the Other Person Is the Star?
  • Chapter 13 How Do You Slow Down?
  • Chapter 14 How Do You Sound Less Monotone?
  • Chapter 15 What Do You Say When You Don’t Speak?
  • Chapter 16 How Can You Be Funnier?
  • Chapter 17 How Do I Open My Presentation? Fripp Live Examples
  • Chapter 18 How Do You Dress for a Presentation?

Bonus Webinar Section

Presentation Skills                 |                Sales Skills                |                FrippVT User Meetings

Benefit from the wisdom and advice of Patricia Fripp and her colleagues who are experts in
sales, marketing, social media, and online meetings.
Live events are arranged in 20 minute segments. We continue to add to these courses.

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