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Wit, World, and Wisdom of Robert Fripp his own words.

  • The Man Behind the Music
  • How to Improve the Audience's Experience
  • Beginner to Mastery
  • How to be a Hero for More Than One Day

A MUST for every Robert Fripp fan or student of presentation skills.

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By July 2018, Robert Fripp will have been getting out of vans and tour buses as a working musician for 57 years and as a professional musician for 48 years. Would you like to discover how Robert went from a tone-deaf 12-year-old with no sense of rhythm to an international musician? In his own words?

He went from novice to master, and you can, too. His wit and wisdom are captivating as he reveals everything you ever wanted to know about him.

What you may not know is that Robert Fripp is also an experienced and accomplished public speaker. One of his lesser-known collaborations is with his sister Patricia Fripp.

“Sister Fripp,” as many of her brother’s fans know her, is an expert at taking their money at a King Crimson “merch” table.

Now that King Crimson is back on the road performing, the best way you can enjoy Robert’s speaking is to subscribe to Robert FrippVT.

“Everything You Want to Know about Robert Fripp: The Wit, Wisdom, and World of Robert Fripp in His Own Words.”

He will tell you about the history and legendary experiences of King Crimson. You will experience the personal side and the great wit of Robert Fripp.

In his telling about the founding of King Crimson, of which he has been an ongoing member, and his life thereafter, you will learn how to do the following:

  • Go from novice to complete mastery in your chosen field
  • Become a hero for more than one day
  • Deliver a masterful performance
  • Incorporate personal disciplines that lead to success
  • Understand more about Robert Fripp’s life, philosophy, music, collaborations

This series comes from four speeches delivered live with his sister Patricia Fripp.

Rave reviews about Robert Fripp’s public speaking

“Robert Fripp is brilliant. I could not write fast enough. His wisdom pours effortlessly from his lips. The audience laughed, gasped, and walked away amazed and with a changed perspective.”

Darren LaCroix
Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), World Champion Public Speaker

"Robert Fripp's depth of knowledge on many subjects makes him fascinating to listen to. He is a master storyteller who keeps his audiences riveted."

Ed Tate
Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), World Champion Public Speaker

"Robert Fripp’s presentation of How to Be a Hero for More than One Day moved me on many levels. He inspired me to continuously seek greater clarity of who I am, of the message I want to deliver, and to redouble my efforts with ‘purposeful practice.’ We all have the capacity to do more, and Robert demonstrates how.”

Bob Roitblat
Speaker, Author, Consultant

"Robert Fripp's presentation was as insightful as it was sensationally delivered. Our opening general sessions of 1,200 audience members were enraptured by the fascinating stories of his most amazing career in the music industry.

Many of our APA members have long admired King Crimson and Fripp’s prowess as one of the best guitarists of all time. However, it didn’t matter that he's a famous musician. The wisdom he shared has direct parallels to every aspect of life and growth potential. His humble eloquence makes his wisdom so easy for everyone to get value. His grip on the audience was as tight as his hold on his guitar pick!"

Dan Maddux
Executive Director, American Payroll Association