How Stories Build Your Business and Your Credibility

Keynote Speech or Interactive Breakout Session by Patricia Fripp

How often have your potential clients resisted your most persuasive sales conversation? It’s aggravating, especially because you know that your services are exactly what they have been looking for. Good news. Patricia Fripp is a Hall of Fame speaker and presentation skills expert. Kiplinger’s Personal Finance wrote, “One of the best investments you can make in your career is to learn presentation skills from Patricia Fripp.” As Patricia always says, “Nobody can resist a story well told.” In her interactive session you will learn:
  • 3 foolproof story formulas that help increase profits
  • Where to find your best stories that will be easy to tell
  • Advanced and little-known presentation techniques to make you a pro
Come learn how to tell your story well.
What Clients are Saying...

“Our sales professionals left Patricia’s session energized and excited about what they had learned, ready to put her techniques into action. Many commented it was some of the best sales training they had received and loved learning about how story-telling helps drive sales.”

– Juliann Larimer, President & CEO, Peak-Ryzex

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All of Patricia Fripp’s speaking presentations may be delivered as a keynote presentation or convention breakout session. No matter what the makeup of your audience, Patricia will adapt to the specifics of your conference and industry.

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