Develop Advanced Speaking Skills to Aid You in Your Climb Up the Corporate Ladder

Advanced Career-Building Speaking Skills Convention Breakout Session by Patricia Fripp

The higher up corporate ladder you climb, the more important your presentation skills will become. Your ability to develop and deliver a presentation you can be proud of will serve you well.

By attending Patricia Fripp’s advanced speaking skills session you will learn to:

    • Tell better stories.
    • Add specificity and colorful details.
    • Speak to be remembered and repeated.
    • Delivery techniques that make you look like a seasoned professional.

At a convention, Patricia is happy to add a breakout session, in addition to her keynote, at no extra charge. This is a popular breakout program.

All of Patricia Fripp’s speaking presentations may be delivered as a keynote presentation or convention breakout session. No matter what the makeup of your audience, Patricia will adapt to the specifics of your conference and industry.

Check Patricia’s availability with an online assistant, contact her directly at (415) 753-6556, or submit a secure contact form!