Frequently Asked Questions About
Patricia Fripp’s Programs

You have an awesome responsibility. You need to hire the right speaker, with the appropriate message, who is willing to, and has the skill to, adapt the message or training to your needs. It is also helpful if that speaker can fill several slots with equal success and not break your budget. Patricia Fripp may be that speaker!

My Job is to Make You Look Like a Hero for Hiring Me

For 25 years, my value to your group is that I have spoken for and consulted with at least 80 organizations each year—many of which face the same challenges that you do. When you hire me, my prime objective is to give your group a relevant and rousing presentation. I accomplish this by becoming part of your team; and I’ll be asking you some questions to help me make your program a success. Anticipating that you, too, have questions to ask me, I’ve prepared some answers:

➭ How long is your talk?

However long you need it to be—from 30 minutes to three days. I am capable of presenting all-day seminars and multiple programs within the same day.

➭ If it’s necessary, can you cut or expand your presentation at the last minute?

You can feel confident knowing there is no challenge in your meeting that has not been successful overcome many times before.

➭ How can you effectively address dozens of companies each year—from different industries, associations and government agencies?

It’s true, the groups I’ve spoken for are different; and it’s the very reason I’ve learned a valuable lesson—they all face similar problems. Many are the same challenges I face in my own business. We all have to adapt to change… to recruit and retain the best people in our respective industries… and to service our customers better than our competition. Also, we must learn to develop team spirit and to embrace technology without losing the personal touch. If you need marketing or speaking skills, you are considering the right speaker.

➭ Are you always a success?

Yes… if the audience is awake, sober and fairly happy to be there. The setup, the lighting and the atmosphere also make an incredible difference to the results.

➭ What do you need from us?

When you decide you like my material and speaking style, you need to help me to understand your group so that I can adapt my message to meet your needs.

We will become partners in planning a program. We will have several conversations so that you feel totally comfortable with my part on your program. I am happy to interview several individuals of your choice for background material.

➭ Can you present different programs on the same day?

Yes. Frequently at meetings, I’ll deliver a keynote and then two breakout sessions on totally different subjects. A great meeting investment for you.

➭ What size audience are you comfortable with?

10-10,000. I am experienced with distance learning and image magnification.

➭ Do you customize your talks?

On occasion I’ll write a speech from scratch. Usually, I select the appropriate material from my repertoire of consistently successful material and integrate the information you provide, such as your industry’s jargon (if appropriate), your theme, and the major points you want stressed.

➭ Are you funny?

Yes. I promise I will not use “old tired stories.” My real-life examples are presented in a humorous way.

➭ How do we know that you are the right speaker for us?

If you have liked what you seen so far why don’t we have a conversation about your specific needs?

➭ Are you an author?

Yes. I am the author of Get What You Want, Make It! So You Don’t Have To Fake It! and Speakers Edge: Secrets and Strategies for Connecting with Any Audience. I Co-authored Insights into Excellence and Speaking Secrets of the Masters with Ken Blanchard and several other speakers. I’ve also produced many CD and DVD educational programs. Many of my clients give my DVDs, CDs, and books as gifts to their meeting attendees.

➭ Do you fly first class?

I bill my clients for coach fares and whenever possible, pro-rate fares. For example, if I am traveling on a multi-engagement trip, I divide the fare proportionally between clients.

Hire Patricia Fripp to make your next event a success!