Pre-Program Questionnaire

To ensure Patricia makes your conference or meeting a success, please fill out the pre-program questionnaire below.

  • The Program

  • Who is Responsible for Calling this Meeting (hr, sales, marketing)?

  • Please forward transcripts of their speeches to Patricia to read and use to tailor her speech.

  • Who Are the Other Professional Speakers on This Program?

  • Logistical Information

  • Who Are the People Within Your Organization Primarily Responsible for the Following:

  • President/Executive Director

  • V.P. of Sales/Marketing

  • Sales Training Manager

  • Who Makes this Decision?

  • Audience Analysis

  • In Case of Emergency or Flight Delays Who and Where Do We Call?

  • Three People Valuable for Patricia to Interview

As Soon As You Have Them Available, Please Send Us the Following Items:

  • The agenda of the conference / meeting
  • Past conference / meeting brochures
  • Information about the company / organization (corporate report, history of organization, publications and newsletters, etc.

We Guarantee Patricia’s Performance If…:

  • The audience is not exhausted, drunk or been up all night (this frequently happens the last day of the incentive trip).
  • The size of the room is appropriate to the size of the audience. It is better to have them squeezed in tight than have a ballroom that is too big (hotels typically do not set chairs close enough to build rapport. Chevron style setup is preferable.).
  • The room is well lit, the sound system works and the audience is close to the speaker.
  • There is a riser so Patricia can be seen by your audience.