Lead Generation

“Every process is either a competitive advantage or an economic drain.”

Fripp & Associates offers Lead Generation & Sales Proccess Training & Coaching with the help of East Coast Fripp Associate, Tom Redmond, Jr. Tom has over thirty-five years experience with specific expertise in the generation of and management of sales. For the last twelve+ years, Tom has successfully assisted clients in designing systematic sales processes, process maps, and measurement protocols for new business development. His Fripp & Associates practice includes one-on-one coaching with individual sales professionals, sales managers and sales teams.

Tom delivers a unique perspective and empathy with the sales professional. From entry level salespeople to high-performing producers and senior management, Tom has the ability to win over his audience and create a strong sense of loyalty, enthusiasm, and commitment to action.

Training & Coaching Topics in this area include:

  • Overcoming Objections
  • Producing Business In a Changing Market
  • Appointment Making: The Sales Person’s Mission
  • Sales Slump Solutions
Tom Redmond, Jr.

About Tom Redmond, Jr.

Tom Redmond, Jr. specializes in evaluating and improving client sales processes. He has over thirty-five years experience with expertise in the generation and management of sales. He has worked with thousands of sales professionals conducting in-person workshops, seminars, and public speaking appearances.

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