How to Succeed as a Home-Based Speaker

House of Business Article Featuring Patricia Fripp

House of BusinessBack in the early 1930s, Patricia Fripp’s grandfather—a Welsh coal miner destined to die of black lung disease in his early 50s—was a champion pigeon racer. Legend has it that when Joe Greene entered a meet, the outcome was a foregone conclusion: His birds always roosted first. Desperate to learn the secret of Greene’s success, competitors spied on his choice of feeding formula, snooped into his breeding methods, and imitated the design of his coops. In the end, though, they were forced to give up. Whatever magic the coal miner worked on those birds, they reluctantly admitted, would forever remain a mystery.

Until now, that is. Thanks to his granddaughter, the secret can at last be revealed: While his rivals blithely snoozed away, Joe Greene rose at 3 each morning to fly his pigeons. Given twice the training of other birds, their winning was a certainty.

“My grandfather,” Fripp explains, “worked harder, longer, better, and more than anyone else. And what worked for him has worked for me.”

An almost messianic belief in hard work is the consistent theme of Patricia Fripp’s life. Again and again, in her personal conversations, speeches, books, articles, and videos, she extols the virtues of hard work and its allies—determination, ambition, and focused goals.

Excerpt from House of Business magazine | December 2000