PowerPoint® Design and Presentation Training

Imagine… you are giving a compelling presentation that is supported by your incredibly effective and presentation-enhancing PowerPoint slides. The combination has your audience hanging on your every word. They are paying attention to YOU and nodding with appreciation when you direct their attention to your supporting visuals. They are engaged, attentive, and responsive.

How did you make this happen?

You worked with Jim Prost, a Fripp Associate, on creating PowerPoint slides that supported your presentation. The audience was clear that you and your message were the main focus, with professional PowerPoint to underscore your message. This was achieved with a clear direction in mind, thoughtful words and pictures, and detailed execution of your theme.

Jim has created and delivered literally thousands of presentations himself and coached his clients to achieve the same success. His mastery of audience behavior and how to keep an audience engaged will give you the confidence, command, and charisma for your next scintillating presentation. Contact Jim now to move to your next level of achievement.

Here’s what some of Jim’s audience members and clients are saying…

He masterfully uses himself, his PowerPoint, and his audience to weave his stories and content seamlessly into a compelling presentation.

Jim uses PowerPoint so deftly that he is like a puppeteer—the character is there but the vehicle disappears.

With Jim’s advice and creativity, my presentation was so well received that I have been invited back to next year’s meeting.

Jim Prost

About Jim Prost

Jim Prost is Fripp Associates resident expert for coaching presentations that need to be impactful. He has been honored twice as “Instructor of the Year” at U.C. Berkeley Extension, in part, because he has made his classes memorable, entertaining, and educational.

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