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With this pack, you get the following:

How to Become a World Champion Speaker
From Good to Great: Techniques to Transform Your Speech
How to Master Price Negotiations for Sales Professionals
Inside Secrets of Superstar Sales Presentations
Opportunity Does Not Knock Once
From Good to Great: Beginner to Mastery


How to Become a World Champion Speaker
Patricia Fripp facilitates an entertaining, action-packed, idea-rich session featuring Toastmasters International World Champions Ed Tate and Darren LaCroix.

Learn the exact public speaking techniques that guarantee you can increase your presentation skills.

Recorded live at the 2004 St. Louis NSA Winter Workshop – 1 hour.

Speaking Strategies That Will Take Your Speech from Simple to Scintillatingly Superb!
From Good to Great: 10 Little Known Techniques to Transform Your Speech
Do you want to learn advanced presentation skills?
Can you benefit from the latest presentation tips?
Do you dream of becoming a professional public speaker or professional motivational speaker?
Can you benefit from presentation coaching?
Award-winning speaker and in-demand speech coach Patricia Fripp is in fine form in this 90 minute action-packed session before 150 professional speakers. You will hear her best advice after 25 years of studying how to have impact on the platform. You benefit from listening in on the mini-coaching sessions.

Start… don’t waffle… get to the point
Stand still… don’t distract with unnecessary movement
Structure… the skeleton under the flesh of your words
Stop… close on a high
Stories… situation, solution, success; character, dialogue, dramatic lesson learned
Sound bite statements
Silence… the pause for reflection
Shorter sentences… to be remembered and repeated
Stepping on your punch word is a “no-no”
Specificity… don’t “Stuff”
Showbiz… what we learn from Hollywood movies
Taped live before professional speakers. 90 minutes.


Prices are Set by Negotiation: They Can be Changed by Negotiation

How to Master Price Negotiation for Sales Professionals

Presented by David Palmer, Ph.D.

  • Can you benefit from the best negotiating skills?
  • Are you up to date on negotiating techniques?
  • Are you good at sales negotiating?

In this CD you will learn to recognize negotiation tactics used against you and learn the best ideas from David Palmer’s popular negotiation seminar.

  • Price Negotiations Strategy 
    A favorable price is determined by three factors: who knows what, when they know it, and what it means. It is not determined by clever words, logic, or arguments.
  • Two Heads, Not One 
    You must discover and pay close attention to what is going on in the other person’s head . . . as well as what’s going on in your head.
  • Price & Costs
    People equate price with dollars, costs are a lot more complicated.
  • Fewer Arguments, More Questions
    Price negotiations are not determined by the strength of one’s arguments, but by research and a well prepared sequence of probing questions. 
  • Frame Your Price 
    People classify information by comparison. Therefore, create the frame of reference you want them to use.
  • Un-Bundle Your Price
    Let them see, understand, and appreciate all of the value inside your un-bundled price.

Prices are set by negotiation; they can be changed by negotiation.

David Palmer, Ph.D. develops and delivers negotiation and management programs for companies from Nike to Hewlett-Packard and IBM. A Fortune 100 company required his training for all its buyers worldwide. He is a CPA, MBA, and Ph.D., designs and delivers negotiations workshops throughout the world, and teaches in Santa Clara University’s MBA program.

Click on these tracks for samples of  How to Master Price Negotiations  (Windows Media):


Sales Presentation Skills From Patricia Fripp

Inside Secrets of SuperStar Sales Presentations: Increasing Results Through Persuasive Presentation Skills

Learn the secrets to sales presentations that get results! Get prospects to remember what you say, connect intellectually and emotionally, learn how to build powerful stories that sell, and learn how to be different and sound different.

Patricia Fripp explains all this and more!

Click on any of these tracks to listen to samples of  Superstar Sales Presentations “The Inside Secrets” online (Windows Media):

 Track # 1: Life is a Series of Sales Situations
Track # 2: You’re Not as Good as You Think
Track # 3: Security is Knowing your Lines
Track # 4: Get Prospects to Remember What You Say
Track # 5: What Do Poor Sales Presentations Cost?

Use Your Past Experiences to Build Success

Opportunity Does Not Knock Once

Listen and learn from Patricia Fripp’s dynamic live keynote presentation – originally delivered to The Travis Credit Union.

You will learn that by reflecting on your past experience and acknowledging your past success, you can build great success in your life, career, and relationships.

Learn how a master presenter tells unforgettable stories, weaves a practical and inspirational message, and totally delights the audience.


Robert Fripp, Live at NSA Rocks

From Good to Great: Beginner to Mastery

Robert Fripp featuring Patricia Fripp

A Recognizable Characteristic of Mastery: Everything is Meaningful; Alternatively Expressed, Nothing is Arbitrary

4 Levels of Performance: Presenting and Performance

  • Creation (Genius)
  • Innovation (Master)
  • Renovation (Professional)
  • Maintenance (Journeyman)

Music is the cup which holds the wine of silence. Sound is that cup, but empty. Noise is that cup, but broken.

– Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp, founding and on-going member of King Crimson. Rolling Stone magazine’s 42nd best guitarist in the world. Intelligent, funny & profound speaker.

Recorded live at the National Speakers Association SpeakerPalooza, February 2008.

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