Robert Fripp & Toyah Willcox Celebrate Heroes on VE Day

A Tribute to The Heroes of World War II

My brilliant sister-in-law, singer, actress, creative director, Toyah Willcox and my brother, internationally acclaimed guitarist and composer, Robert Fripp celebrate the VE Day Heroes.

Premiered Friday, May 8th 2020 @ 07:00 UK / BST

Backing track: King Crimson Live In Berlin on September 12th 2016.

Personnel: Gavin Harrison, Jeremy Stacey, Pat Mastelotto, Mel Collins, Tony Levin, Jakko Jakszyk and Robert Fripp. Fairy dustings provided by Bill Rieflin.

Recorded and mixed by Chris Porter.
Produced by Chris Porter with Robert Fripp & David Singleton.

Used by permission.

Vocal track & video: Toyah Willcox, at home in the kitchen, Middle England,
May 5th, 2020 on iPhone.

Vocal & backing track mix: Jakko Jakszyk.

The guitar used in the video is RF’s Les Paul serial no. 9-1986; used on all KC albums 1969-74; and on the Heroes session in Berlin with David Bowie, Tony Visconti and Brian Eno at the Hansa Studios, July 1977.

The two VE Day Heroes being celebrated within the Fripp and Willcox families:
Uncle Bill, aka RAF Flight Sergeant Alfie Fripp who helped in planning The Great Escape.
Beric Willcox of the Royal Navy, based in Alexandria, who guarded convoys in the Mediterranean.

May 8, 1945
V-E Day was observed on May 8, 1945, in Great Britain, Western Europe, the United States and Australia, and on May 9 in the Soviet Union and New Zealand. V-E Day commemorates the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany to the Allied forces in 1945, ending World War II in Europe.

Colonel Tom Moore, who turned 100 last week, raised money by walking 100 laps of his garden in Bedfordshire. People have given £32.8million and their Gift Aid donations increased the total to £39million. Tory MP David Jones said: “On the 75th anniversary of VE Day, JustGiving would earn the nation’s respect by just giving the money back to the heroes and heroines of our NHS. “The massive support for Tom shows how dear to people’s hearts this campaign is.”

Dame Vera Lynn.  Dame Vera Margaret Lynn CH DBE OStJ is a British singer of traditional popular music, songwriter and actress, whose musical recordings and performances were enormously popular during the Second World War.

We’ll Meet Again lyrics – and the story behind the song that inspired everyone from Kubrick to the Queen. When the Queen ended her televised address on April 5 by reassuring viewers isolated by the Covid-19 pandemic that “we will meet again”, it was a powerful reminder of how one song, made famous by Vera Lynn, became a symbol of hope through another national crisis.

Now 103, Lynn says: “I think people enjoy it because it speaks to the feeling of separation and the hope of reunion. Those lyrics are especially poignant with the current situation in our country.”

It is my wish to share this musical tribute with those who celebrate all members of all branches of the armed forces in the USA and the United Kingdom. These are the everyday heroes who do not their best, that do what must be done. Thank you for your service.

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