Build Credibility – How to Introduce Your Sales Team

Patricia Fripp, Sales Presentation Expert & Executive Speech Coach
Patricia Fripp, Sales Presentation Expert & Executive Speech Coach

Are you confident your sales presentations are more consistently compelling than your competition’s? If you are someone who presents with others as your company’s sales team it is critical that you master some of the subtleties of delivering a group presentation. Here is a credibility-building tactic that is far too often overlooked…

Often when I am coaching a sales team on their presentation, I’ll ask one of the presenters, “Well, how are you going to pass off to Mary?”

Usually the response is, “Well, I’m just going to say, ‘Well, here’s Mary,’ and let her introduce herself.”

“No. No. No. No. No!”

Each member of the team represents your team and your company.

When you introduce a member of your team you should say something like this… “To cover the next subject, here is Mary who is the lead engineer on ________. She has 16 years experience in ________.”

In the same way a speaker should always be introduced before a presentation begins, when you are initially passing off to your team member, you should always give a couple of lines of introduction – and at the very least their credentials.

When I work with companies on sales presentations I always get each member of the sales presentation team to stand up and introduce themselves as if they were another member of their team – usually someone who has three or four credentials.

It is amazing to discover that people who have worked together for years have no idea of their team members’ credentials! It’s so much more professional when we can introduce our team members with confidence. This also builds credibility. What are we are doing in a sales presentation if not building credibility? Proper introductions help to build comfort in the prospect’s mind.

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