Presentation Skills Training & Coaching

In coaching sessions with Patricia Fripp, clients will learn, and be coached on, the three essential aspects of presentations: organization, development of material, and delivery. This coaching will help perfect both small and large group skills. The format of the training will be designed around the specific types of presentations the client delivers or wishes to.


To better serve her clients, before training starts, Patricia requests a pre-session interview to understand the goals, experience and objectives of her clients. The training can be given in San Francisco in her studio via a virtual conference call, at the client’s facility, or at any off-site location of the client’s choice. If there is not a match between what the client’s objectives are and Patricia’s expertise she will not accept the assignment.


The objective of Presentation Skills and Coaching is to increase the comfort, effectiveness, professionalism, clarity, and confidence in every presentation. The training can be delivered to an individual or group with equal comfort.

For professional speakers, the objective may be to evaluate the current material and help develop new programs. Patricia’s innovative techniques make even a novice look like a seasoned professional.


Patricia Fripp will coach in all areas of preparing, presenting, and polishing powerful presentations. As well as Patricia’s stand up presenting, much of the time will be spent reinforcing the learning when the individual (or participants) speaks and Patricia Fripp coaches them.

With many clients, Patricia delivers a customized webinar in advance of in-person coaching sessions. This will have everyone prepared and on their feet much faster.

For team presentations, the result will be that everyone will have the experience of being coached, and each person will learn from the experience of others.

Either way, group or individual training, the learning will be gained in a very practical, easy-to-absorb manner. Although the amount of time spent in this session is flexible, the impact depends on how much time the individual (or participants) spend with Patricia Fripp, and how seriously they practice after her sessions with them. Although one-day sessions are welcomed, three and four day ‘projects’ have more impact. From two days of training, this is what we can guarantee:

Clients will learn the following skills and knowledge in these information-rich training and coaching sessions… and much, much more:

  • Adapt a presentation of any length to any size audience
  • Build credibility through specificity
  • Be powerfully persuasive
  • Craft memorable stories and examples
  • Connect emotionally and intellectually
  • Deliver with confidence and comfort
  • Engage any audience immediately
  • Interact and not be overwhelmed by visual aids
  • Open and close with impact
  • Project comfort and likeability
  • Speak to be remembered and repeated
  • Utilize the Fripp Presentation Organization Tool
  • Understand the Fripp I-You ratio formula for listener buy-in
  • Work from an outline and look more spontaneous

Participant’s questions answered on any topics around the business and art of speaking. In Patricia Fripp’s training you will discover how you can personalize the little-known techniques used by the master performers, top marketers, and marquee comedians, and to make the stories in your next presentation… simply awesome! GUARANTEED

Presenter’s Background

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE is an award-winning speaker, author, sales presentation trainer, online learning expert and in-demand speech coach. Her speech-coaching clients include corporate leaders, celebrity speakers, well-known sports and media personalities, ministers, and sales teams. Meetings & Conventions magazine named her “One of the 10 most electrifying speakers in North America.” She delivers high-energy, high-content, and dramatically memorable presentations. Steven Covey’s Executive Excellence magazine named her “One of the top 50 consultants, trainers, speakers, authors and professors who cover the Seven Dimensions of Excellence.”

Before becoming a full-time speaker, Patricia enjoyed a successful career in a service industry for 24 years. She owned two highly successful businesses that included training both service and sales personnel.

The over 3,500-member National Speakers Association elected her the first female President. She has won or been awarded most designations given by NSA, including the Hall of Fame and the Cavett Award, the highest honor and considered the Oscar of the speaking world.

Patricia is the author of two books, Get What You Want! and Make It, So You Don’t Have to Fake It!, and co-author of Speaking Secrets of the Masters and Insights into Excellence. She is featured in the Bullet Proof Manager video series, which is sold in over fifty countries. Fripp starred in the popular training film Travel the Road to Success: An Adventure in Customer Service.

Fripp’s hobbies of attending screen-writing seminars and avid moviegoing add an extra dimension to her training that is not usually found with other speech coaches.

Your Options

The investment in coaching depends on the results you desire. Each assignment is customized individually for Patricia’s clients. We are happy to develop a quote, after a conversation with you, to assess your needs.

Call Patricia at (415) 753-6556, or fill in the contact form.

Your Investment

As an individual, let’s have a conversation to determine which of Patricia’s many offerings best suits your needs. This conversation is complimentary. Patricia has several associates who may be more appropriate. For group coaching, the investment varies. At your convenience let’s have a conversation. Again, this conversation is complimentary.

Patricia promises every client will leave the sessions as a more confident, competent speaker and with skills that will last a lifetime.

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