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What a great session you delivered. It was at the end of the day, and everyone left on a high. The most common phrase used afterwards was “blown away” by your ability to cut through the fog of extra words and unnecessary dialogue. You bring such clarity to your message and also to the content of the individuals you coach. We truly saw a master at work.”

– Eric Fitzpatrick, Professional Speaker, Author
Conference Chair, Jerry Duffy Speakers’ Academy

Your participation in our annual American Cemetery Association Convention was, without a doubt, one of the high points of our meeting. I am still hearing many wonderful comments about you as people reflect on the convention. Your presentation was exciting, inspirational, moving, entertaining, funny and filled with substance. For many of the attendees your presentation was the pinnacle. You showed Zig Ziglar and Mark Victor Hansen how to give a speech!

In point of fact, I have never worked with a speaker who takes their job as seriously as you do. Your interest in our association, our industry and our needs, your tireless preparation and thought over the past year proved to be obvious when you stood in front of our group. As the saying goes, ‘You had them in the palm of your hand!’ You are truly a credit to your profession and to the National Speakers Association. And you were a tremendous addition to our program.

– John E. Welshons, Convention Chair
American Cemetery Association

Focus Learning Corp

The leadership of FOCUS Learning Corporation appreciates your efforts towards our conference success. Your preparation for your keynote, “How to Take the Conference Home,” was amazing. Even with your preparation interviews of our clients, our president had no idea it was possible to deliver an upbeat keynote on technical issues. We still do not know how you managed to sit through the many presentations that could be considered rather dry for an outsider. You did your homework and brought us an outstanding wrap-up that tied things together. I don’t know how you can absorb all of that new material and then go forward incorporating key facts and people in your speech. You really did your homework. It takes talent and skill to be such a powerful speaker.

Our leadership was very impressed with what you accomplished. Your brother is a Rock Star, and you are a Rock Star speaker who really contributes in a meaningful way! I feel very privileged to know you and look forward to working with you in the future.

– Dianne Moore, Conference Coordinator
FOCUS Learning Corporation

American Payroll Association

Thank you for your phenomenal contributions to APA’s Annual Congress. You continue to outperform yourself. Your continued learning development and success of APA’s National Speakers Bureau is a legacy that we are extremely proud of. We are indebted to you for the journey of growth and improvement you have taken us on.
The participants of your Pre-Congress and Congress workshops continue to ask us to bring you back. You are inspiring, engaging, and energetic while delivering great content. One first time attendee told me, ‘The sessions with Patricia Fripp were worth the entire investment of coming to Congress.’
APA is extremely grateful for your nearly 2 decades of engagement and support speaking, training, and coaching.

– Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association


As usual, your keynote speech at Microsoft was terrific. All day the buzz was about your keynote.

– Bill Koefoed, General Manager, Investor Relations


Patricia Fripp is the BEST keynote speaker and investment! She keynoted our major client conference, Meeting Of The Minds, and was a HIT! After her opening keynote, she conducted HALF of the ten best break-out sessions. Based on this incredible feedback, we invited her back the next year for an equally successful repeat performance. We were so impressed by Patricia’s performance that we have engaged her for executive speech coaching and sales presentation skills training.

– Dave Larson, VP, Client Marketing & MOTM Conference Chair
ADP National Account Services

Thank you for the wonderful and very helpful presentation at our conference! Your demonstration of the power of a story with Larry is quite possibly one of the most persuasive presentations I’ve ever seen. You are now one of the resources that I am uniquely able to direct my clients and friends to in the future.

– Ann Morgan, Director, Fennemore Craig

Thank you for the excellent job you did presenting the opening keynote presentation and a well-attended breakout session at the 2017 IMC USA conference.

– Henry DeVries, Conference Chair, IMC USA


Congratulations!! As you know, you are our most popular and highest rated Leadership Seminar presenter. Registrants at the Fall 2009 IAMC Leadership Seminar loved your Advanced Leadership Presentation Skills training session. You generated an overall evaluation score of 9.67—beating your own record of 9.65, which is the highest of any leadership session we have ever had! On behalf of the IAMC Leadership Development Committee, thank you for a high quality Fall 2009 Seminar training session. Looking forward to seeing you again in Spring 2011.

– Hazel Pankey, Director


You are the consummate professional. It was a real treat to be in the audience listening to you help eighty people revisit everything they believed about being a world-class speaker. You were superb and made the organization look good! Thank you.

– Lynn Fraley, Past President


At the Toastmasters District 39 Conference, you received high accolades from ‘everyone!’ I doubly enjoyed seeing/hearing/watching you again. What a delight sharing time with you and watching my friends’ delight in what they were learning and enjoying. Your razor-sharp wit and outrageous humor, combined with 30 years worth of experiences are appreciated by all of us. THANK YOU for coming to District 39. Patricia—This was truly one of the best conferences we’ve had in our District, with so many valuing it highly while breaking all the records George cites. Your stellar keynote and afternoon presentation had us laughing and learning—and probably a thousand pages of notes were written by our attendees, who will be putting what they learned to good use, for sure! I know of at least a half-dozen fellow members who attended because I had sung your praises to them—and you DID ‘knock their sox off!’ Thank you!! …and thank you for the invitation to bring you back as our guest sometime in the future—who knows?…maybe we’ll just have to choose the Sacramento Convention Center for that conference?!?! On a personal note, thank you for the coaching you gave me during the afternoon session—I’ll practice my microphone skills, I promise! Onward!

– Dianne Bish, District Governor
Toastmasters District 39

“The rumor mill has hit my email box and of course it is all aglow about another outstanding session of content, interaction and professionalism. You have a real knack for mesmerizing your audience and having them leave in awe.”

– Daniel R. Moirao EdD, Chair Academy Program,
National Speakers Association Northern California

Centaurus Financial, Inc.

Patricia Fripp received the highest reviews of any of our professional keynote speakers in our company’s history. We have hired at least thirty top-level professional speakers. Fripp is the best. Her subject of Powerful Presentations Skills was so well received, many of our financial professionals are interested in hiring her to coach them on their marketing presentations. We have booked Patricia many times since our first experience.

– Ron King, President
Centarus Financial

Million Dollar Round Table

The 2011 MDRT Annual Meeting was a phenomenal success! Your participation was instrumental in making it a wonderful experience.

– Julian H. Good, Jr., CLU, ChFC, President
Million Dollar Round Table,
The Premier Association of Financial Professionals


You are an amazing woman and powerful professional speaker. Thank you for the excellent talk you gave to us at the Microsoft GPAC conference. Your words were exactly what I needed and wanted to hear. I have told so many of my friends about your talk and the ideas you delivered. Meeting you was a fantastic experience!

– Sean Fraer

American Payroll Association

After fourteen consecutive years of hiring you to speak at APA’s Congress, we continue to be proud and impressed at the level of commitment and personalization you bring every year. Having your brother Robert Fripp join you for the co-presentation of two of your three workshops was a special treat. As an eloquent speaker and legendary guitarist, he adds star power! The Fripp Kids are quite something!

– Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association

New York State Association of Cemeteries

Like no other keynote speaker we have ever hired or heard, you have helped our association members realize the importance and value of selling our relevance and service to the families and communities we are dedicated to.

– Terry Joyce, Program Chair
NY State Association of Cemeteries


Everyone is still buzzing about your two dynamite programs at our Toastmasters International District Conference. Everyone unanimously thought your public speaking ideas and advanced speech coaching were masterful.

– Craig Harrison, Co-founder, Laugh Lovers Toastmasters
Past President, NSANC


Another triumph. How you can reduce this group of long-experienced, overeducated, well-connected, ultra-sophisticated and in some cases cynical speechwriters to a bunch of awestruck, gasping school boys and girls—I will never know, even though I’ve watched it happen twice! Thanks for yet another great show.

– David Murray, Publisher, Chairman
Speechwriters Newsletter

American Payroll Association

How do you do it? For nine years you have continued to top yourself. Thank you so much for your many extraordinary contributions to the success of the American Payroll Association’s 2005 Annual Congress.

As our Pre-Congress emcee you energized the audience and introduced each speaker with your always dependable and exuberant flare. You said something during your presentation that stays with me, ‘APA brings payroll professionals together in unity, pride, and celebration.’ You absolutely captured what Congress is all about. We couldn’t have said it better! Your message was created to mirror our theme for the whole Congress. As our first speaker, you set the stage for what was a perfect meeting.

If that wasn’t enough during, at Congress you taught and inspired our attendees in four dynamic workshops. With sessions on how to sell yourself, how to get ahead, leadership skills, and public speaking, you provided encouragement and practical tips that gave attendees the confidence and knowledge they need to improve their job performance.

Your critiques are outstanding as always! In all your many responsibilities you performed with great charm, high energy, and unfailing professionalism. You truly give your all to APA. You are one of a kind!

Many, many thanks for continuing to be one of our greatest weapons for APA Congress to make sure that each year it is always better than the last one!

– Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association


Thank you for delivering two engaging, highly educational, presentations on Taking Your Presentation to the Next Level. I heard nothing but praise and amazement from our Toastmasters members. Everyone was very impressed with you and your public speaking expertise.

– Carolyn Cousins-Goldman, Lt. Governor Education & Training
District 52 Toastmasters International

Competitive Edge Seminars

After 15 years working in the sales training business with Tommy Hopkins and promoting Competitive Edge Seminars hiring the nations best speakers and trainers, I assure you nobody is more effective discussing sales presentation skills than Patricia Fripp. Fripp’s information is practical, her delivering is entertaining, and her coaching and evaluation is world class.

– David Behr, President
Competitive Edge Seminars

American Home Shield

I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the hands-on sales training you provided to our Western sales team last week. I have attended many courses over my years and must say that at some point in the day most had me looking at my watch to see when they’d be over. However, your program flew by, I couldn’t believe I sat there for 10 hours and actually was prepared to invest a few more hours. Your enthusiasm, knowledge of OUR business and the practical applications you taught to our team will benefit the careers of many of our sales professionals, as well as our customers. I look forward to you being an active part in American Home Shield training events in the future. Thanks again!

– David J. Crawford, Sr. Vice President
American Home Shield


On behalf of The Raytheon Management Club thank you for delivering an extremely entertaining presentation on Selling Yourself and Your Ideas. Your one-on-one coaching of a few of our attendees was an added bonus. Your really made me look good.

– Walt Grassi, Program Chair


Having watched you work your magic at another company I expected a lot from your two-day sales presentation skills training and coaching. However you exceeded our wildest expectations. The entire group loved your program, considered it very practical and could not believe how much fun and engaging it was.

Polly Miller, Chief Marketing Officer
Integral Senior Living

California Dental Association

It was great working with you. We are hearing nothing but positive feedback about your two programs on Relationship Building. The audience enjoyed learning the techniques to market their practice and the California Dental Association.

– Sara Dwyer, Specialist, Recruitment and Retention
California Dental Association


Just wanted to send you a ‘thank you’ for the fabulous presentation you delivered to us. People are still talking about it. It reminds me of your powerful advice for speakers: ‘Your goal is to be remembered and repeated’ You are a walking example of the message you preach! Thanks for making me look so good as our club program chair!!!

– Betty Mahalik, Professional Certified Coach
Las Vegas Northwest Rotary


Your keynote was a highlight of the CAPPO conference. Our VIP guests from the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) were so impressed that they plan on contracting with you for one of their upcoming conferences.

– Jana Vargas, Director of Procurement, CAPPO
San Diego County Regional Airport Authority


Thank you one more time for a great job at our All Hands meeting! Every rep that I talked to totally enjoyed your session!

For fun last night we did Scavenger Hunts with our team members. Some of your session content even made it into 2 of our Scavenger Hunt team names / chants. I know you would have loved to see that!

– Roger Demers, Group Manager, SMS&P Inside Sales


As you know the Saratoga Alain Pinel Realtors are highly successful. Many make a million dollars a year. This means although they enjoy good speakers and trainers they are often very difficult to impress. Based on your reputation I expected your message would be the perfect way to start the year. However, you really exceeded my expectations!

Your message was uplifting and entertaining, yet very practical. As you gave specific words and phrases that the agents can use in their sales presentations it was obviously you were not giving Speech 101. Many of the agents said you were the best speaker they had ever listened to. The best compliment I can pay you is the recommendation that you be part of this years training for all our offices. This has resulted in three more programs in this quarter!

– Carol Burnett, Vice President & Managing Broker
Alain Pinel Realtors


Thank you for your fine program on sales presentation skills. We are already putting your ideas to work.

– Thomas Moore


Thank you for the 7 spectacular presentations at the year end workshops for 2007. The clients loved you!

– Lois Fried, CPP, Client Trainer


Patricia perfectly portrays poise, pitch, pace, passion, power and punch with punctuation, playfulness pizzazz, precision and preciseness. Her popular presentations pop with panache, positivism and potential! Presidents, professionals, paupers, pals and paparazzi all prefer prodigious portions of this praiseworthy paramount ‘Princess of Pronunciation.’ With parable, paradox, prose and parlance Patricia will pep you up, position you for greatness and, with no prattle or palaver prompt you to prevail!!

– Gordon Matthews, President
Focus Network Chicago

On Behalf of the Meetings Professionals International Rocky Mountain Chapter thank you for speaking at our January 2007 event. Here are just a few of the comments we received:

‘Amazing speaker—very useful topic.’
‘Best most motivational speech ever!’
‘Patricia’s presentation Life is a Series of Sales Situations was relevant to job duties and professional growth! Excellent!’
‘Great speaker. Useful for both planners and suppliers—very rare!’
‘Patricia was excellent, very informative, knows her content and subject matter, and has a great presence!’
‘Awesome speaker! I learned so much that I can apply to my life and career.
‘It was an excellent program. Patricia Fripp was fantastic.

Thank you for making our event a success.

– Kristin Hutton, President
Meetings Professionals International, Rocky Mountain Chapter


Thank you so much for your presentation at our annual conference. Your message was not only well received but presented in an entertaining way. You helped make this conference one of the best ever by aligning your message with our theme as well as providing great content.

– Mike Lister, Chariman, President and CEO
Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, Inc.

Innisbrook Wraps

Imagine a sales force filled to the brim with confidence, passion and powerful words ready to set their sales records on fire. That’s a reality for Innisbrook after your 2-day seminar at our National Sales Meeting with Patricia Fripp.

Beginning with the conference calls in anticipation of the meeting, you created an eagerness among our sales force and management team. Our reps gleamed invaluable advice from the first interaction of a 45-minute one-on-one session with you.

We’ve received many voice mails and emails from our reps expressing their gratitude at the investment Innisbrook made in them. They often refer to your sessions as exciting, entertaining, and information-packed. Your ability to provide enhanced words without criticizing put our reps at ease, and allowed them the opportunity to stand up in a group of their peers without fear. Perhaps the greatest compliment to you is the overwhelming sentiment that they were dreading two days worth of a speaker, but your animated presentation made the days fly by and they enjoyed every moment of it!

– Sharon McHugh, VP of Sales
Innisbrook Wraps


All our account executives absolutely loved your presentation. It was incredibly motivating and very relative to their jobs. You did an amazing job.

– Allyson Tabroff, Sales Administrator
Rodan + Fields / Darphin

First American Title

Once again, ‘THANK YOU!’ You were wonderful and really helped ‘wow’ our audience. A true professional… and you asked such good questions of the previous speakers. We enjoyed having you.

– Peggy Adams, Vice President’s Executive Assistant
First American Title

Unitech America, Inc.

In my 10 years in sales and marketing, I must say you are the most dynamic, charismatic, and knowledgeable person and coach that I know. After our two-day sales conversation and presentation skills training, both my sales and technical support team feel that they now have a secret weapon. I would recommend you to anyone who needs training in making sales and look forward to our next meeting.

– Bill Lewis, Director of Sales and Marketing, North America
Unitech America, Inc.

Collins Barrow

Well you lived up to your billing. I laughed and I cried, five thumbs up. Our group of sophisticated Chartered Accountants loved you.

– Todd MacDonald, Director
Collins Barrow


Our CalScape programs are designed to entertain, inspire, and develop our members. Your keynote speech “Life is a Series of Sales Situations” and breakout session ‘How to Promote Your Business High-Tech, Low-Tech, and No-Tech’ were once again very well received. As one of the CalScape attendees posted this on her blog…

‘Hearing the keynote speaker Patricia Fripp was more than worth the price of admission of the entire conference. Yes, I’ve heard her before, and yet it was extremely valuable for me and my business to hear her again. This is a speaker and business person who lives what she teaches and her advice is very specific. Patricia models her message and is constantly reinventing herself. Therefore she instructs along a continuum, as she continues to develop. Most importantly, I am different from when I heard her last, and even if she had given the same talk (which she didn’t) I heard what I most needed to learn.’

Thanks once again for the value you brought to our event and industry. Your pre-conference presentation skills for our Board of Directors was a great success. Thank you for this valuable bonus.

– Mary Golden, Executive Director
Plantscape Industry Alliance


Patricia’s highly interactive keynote speech was great. I’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the entire team. The meeting went very well and I’m grateful that Patricia was so good!

– Steve Sumner, Alliances Manager, Membership Products
California State Automobile Association

Many of our comment cards from the 850 member audience said ‘Patricia Fripp is one of the best parts of the Biz Talk ’06 Conference!’ Thank you for being such a great emcee and breakout speaker!

– Harlan Hutson, President
Harlan Hutson Entertainment Promoter and Co-Founder

Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals

At the 2006 SOCAP convention, Patricia delivered one of the best keynote presentations I’ve ever attended. This was no small feat because some of the other guest speakers were bestselling authors and celebrities. She certainly held her own on the same program with the male-dominated platform and was interesting, entertaining, and memorable. What made her all the more impactful was the breakout session where she offered presentation advice that is immediately applicable. Patricia is one of those rare individuals who lives life to the fullest and inspires others to stretch beyond their comfort zone and take risks. I definitely recommend working with Patricia!

– Tom Asher Director
Consumer Insights & Consumer Relations, Levi Strauss & Co.
Chairman-elect, Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals

Choice Hotels

Thanks so much for your energy, spirit and expertise as you presented to our franchises. They really enjoyed hearing from you and our program benefited from having someone of your caliber on the schedule.

– Christopher Yellen, Vice President Property Systems
Choice Hotels


On behalf of California Society of Association Executives thank you for your time and expertise at our first Annual Conference. Your presentation significantly contributed to the success. Our attendees thought ‘Selling Yourself, Your Ideas, and Your Product or Services’ was engaging, informative and right on target. Your session carried a great buzz and many have requested you repeat it next year.

– Stephanie Flores, Director of Education

Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

We all enjoyed your presentation at the S.O.C.A.P. Symposium. The entire organization and N.Y. Metro S.O.C.A.P. chapter was highly energized and impressed with your session.

– Robin Moriates, Associate Director,
Training and Development, Customer Interaction Center
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

What a dynamo you are!! I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation on sales presentation skills.

– Dianne Calderon, Director of Sales
Royal Scandinavian Inn

Union Hospital Health Group

You made our fourth annual UHHG Leadership Advance a raving success! You were awesome, just outstanding! Of course, I have quickly come to expect nothing less from your speaking performances and speech / presentation training.

After you had been here earlier in the year, I quickly realized that I was not the only one so impressed with you. Everyone else who heard you was too. Needless to say, I had numerous requests from staff to somehow get you back. So we did!

The points you make are practical, understandable, and no-nonsense, and your delivery is entertaining, energetic, and motivational. Your vivid stories teach your lessons so that people at all levels can understand and respond.

– Steven Reed, Executive Vice President
Union Hospital Health Group

Learning Well

Learning Well is all about keeping students physically and mentally healthy. Patricia Fripp was all about keeping our caregivers mentally healthy through encouraging words of hope and specific words of action. All of this was accomplished with Patricia’s own particular brand of humor, joy and energy! The audience left her presentation with a new sense of joy and motivation for excellence.

– Donna A. Stephens, CEO
Learning Well

Texas Credit Union League

Easy to recover from a conference when you have the opportunity to work with delightful professionals like yourself!

We will send you a formal letter, however I thought you’d like to see comments from your highly acclaimed session…

Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE 4.86 on a 5 point = excellent scale

Opening Keynote Address: Rising to the Occasion: How to Be a Champion to Your Members and Staff

Please list a key concept or idea you can apply from this session:

  • Focus your concern on being ’employable’ not being ’employed.’
  • Many good points. A job is not just a job, but an opportunity to impact someone’s life.
  • Don’t forget who you really work for ‘the member.’
  • Get employees to act as if their name is on the door.
  • She makes sense (practical).
  • Leave an impression—keep members happy and service them as they are owners of the credit union.
  • Your credit union is only as good as your worst employee.

What did you like most about this session?

  • The speaker’s message & presentation.
  • Upbeat, positive.
  • Her enthusiasm.
  • The stories that illustrated the points.
  • Her stories.
  • How she used her examples to fit into credit union philosophy ‘People Helping People.’
  • Service stories and customer service techniques.
  • Her style & delivery.
  • Champion service for member.
  • Content—but foremost presentation.


  • Enjoyed her very much.
  • Very professional.
  • This was an informative presentation, presented in a workable manner.

I appreciated your incorporation of our industry into your presentation.

On a final note, one of my employees immediately began to read Get What You Want when we returned to Dallas. She shared in our support team meeting last week that, though she doesn’t read much, she’s enjoying your book and learning some things along the way. You wowed our audience and your gracious gift of books encouraged my staff.

Thank you my friend!

– Janine McBee, Training Resources, CUDE
Texas Credit Union League


Fantastic! I am extremely pleased bordering on ecstatic with the feedback I received. You delivered just as you said you would. You might have to get used to speaking and working in Pennsylvania. See you at our next meeting for your keynote and breakout sessions.

– Jay Himes, Executive Director

First American Title

You sent them out ‘buzzing’ which was our objective. Thank you for sharing your nuggets of experience and wisdom with our crowd. The First American Title audience appreciated the feminine perspective and the fact that you controlled your destiny with the decisions you made about your upward mobility throughout your career. That message rang true with a lot of our folks. You and Maria Valentin were the roses among quite a few old thorns.

My sincere appreciation for brightening, enlightening, and ‘batting clean-up’ at our 2005 Bay Area Sales Conference.

– Mark Sachau, Bay Area Regional Vice President
First American Title


Great job on the session for the Microsoft Inside Sales team.

– Gary Schafer, General Manager, SMS&P Inside Sales


The conference was a great success. Thanks for a tremendous keynote session. I loved it… and took copious notes. Thanks again for participating… we loved having you for a repeat performance.

– Cristin Clifford, Director of Meeting Planning
Lawrence Ragan Communications, Inc.

American Home Shield

When we first spoke in early 2003 about the possibility of having you speak at an upcoming Regional meeting, I was immediately captivated by your magnetic personality. From that first conversation, I knew we had to engage you for our meeting. Of course, I was not disappointed.

At the meeting, as I watched you conduct a full-day Sales Presentation Skills Training, I saw more active participation from my team than I had ever seen. I could feel the excitement from all of my sales employees. Afterwards, they could not wait to get out in the field and use the specific techniques they had learned. During the session, you were coaching one of my sales team on how to give a “Hollywood” presentation. You were able to coach her in such a manner that her story brought the meeting participants to tears they were so enthralled. For the next few weeks after the meeting, I continually received e-mails, phone calls, and voicemails from my team touting their successes after trying some of the techniques you taught them. It was clear that your influence on every participant was effective and long lasting.

We were convinced we had to have you come back to work with another sales team. I was delighted that we experienced the same active, enthusiastic participation as the first session.

After such great results from these two meetings, we still wanted more! The Advanced Management Training you conducted with your associate David Palmer, Ph.D. was exceptionally productive. My managers stepped out of their comfort zones with their presentations and management skills. The overall experience was very helpful and also brought some much needed team building. Part of the success came from the fact we have developed such a comfortable rapport with you. The entire group appreciated how you enjoyed coming to the dinners with them and became part of the AHS family.

After leaving the management meeting with such enthusiasm and excitement, once again I wanted to find another occasion we could work together. Based on our past success it was easy to convince my colleagues to hire you for our National Sales Meeting. Wow! You certainly did not let me down. You proved you really are multifaceted and the hardest working speaker we have ever met! You proved you are a great keynote speaker, speech coach, MC, “Voice of God”, and even capable of performing after dinner comedy (I am still laughing!).

Your influence on the American Home Shield team has been instrumental in helping to increase sales, perfect presentations, and build confidence. My managers are also really enjoying and benefiting from your phone coaching.

For all of this, I want to say with the deepest sincerity, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! You are truly magnificent!

– Shelly Al-Hashash, Vice President
American Home Shield


WOW! You really delivered a knockout punch as the guest speaker for Crestom’s International Meeting. You brought fresh, to the point materials that were applicable to everyone of our US and International attendees—no easy task. As you are aware, our Distributors spend every working day of their life utilizing materials and techniques by the masters: Zig Ziglar, Bob Pike, Harvey MacKay, Tom Hopkins, and other luminaries. With your one hour presentation, you vaulted to the head of the list.

Patricia, I’ve heard, monitored, and critiqued a lot of professional trainers in my 30 years in this business, and I must say that I was really impressed with the obvious research you did on our organization. You displayed an incredible depth of knowledge about our products, sales process, and even our vernacular. Thanks for the effort and for delivering far more than you promised.

– John Krause, Executive Vice President
Crestcom International

Your participation in our annual American Cemetery Association Convention was, without a doubt, one of the high points of our meeting. I am still hearing many wonderful comments about you as people reflect on the convention. Your presentation was exciting, inspirational, moving, entertaining, funny and filled with substance. For many of the attendees your presentation was the pinnacle. I guess you did show Zig Ziglar and Mark Victor Hansen how to give a speech! In point of fact, I have never worked with a speaker who takes their job as seriously as you do. Your interest in our association, our industry and our needs, your tireless preparation and thought over the past year proved to be obvious when you stood in front of our group. As the saying goes, ‘You had them in the palm of your hand!’ You are truly a credit to your profession and to the National Speakers Association. And you were a tremendous addition to our program.

– John E. Welshons, Convention Chair
American Cemetery Association

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