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What Clients Are Saying…


Patricia Fripp is the BEST keynote speaker and investment! She keynoted our major client conference, Meeting Of The Minds and was a HIT! After her opening keynote she conducted HALF of the ten best break-out sessions. Clients judged the 115 presentations and voted Patricia’s five break-outs in first, second, third, seventh and tenth place. Based on this incredible feedback, we have invited her back next year. Impressed by Patricia’s performance we have engaged her for executive speech coaching and sales presentation skills training.

– Dave Larson VP, Client Marketing
ADP National Account Services

Speechwriters Newsletter

Another triumph. How you can reduce this group of long-experienced, overeducated, well-connected, ultra-sophisticated and in some cases cynical speechwriters to a bunch of awestruck, gasping school boys and girls—I will never know, even though I’ve watched it happen twice! Thanks for yet another great show.

– David Murray, Publisher, Speechwriters Newsletter
Chairman, Lawrence Ragan Speechwriters Conference

Wounded Warrior Project

My keyote speech delivered to 1200 people was a grande mocha ‘Frippicino’ a masterpiece!! Thanks so much for all the help! Many commented, they thought I was a good speaker before, but I was at much different level after the Fripp training. My ability to craft my material, communicating stories, and deliver a powerful message is so much easier than ever before our Fripp training session! Our entire organization is running in a different gear since our work together.

– John Melia, Executive Director-CEO
Wounded Warrior Project

You have helped make a dream come true for me. The Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force has selected me as one of 15 people to be part of his Civic Leader Group. The group visits with the Chief four or five times a year various Air Force base locations around the world to hear and discuss topic facing the Air Force. We then take the messages derived from the meetings back to our regional communities and present them to a wide array of audiences.

One of the reasons I was selected for this program is because the people who nominated me were impressed with my ability to stand before a crowd and speak. They asked, ‘How can you just step before a group and speak without notesor even a lectern?’ My answer always is…‘I have the best speech coach in the world.’

– Philip Davis 

Valuedance Coaching

Thanks to your expert speech creation and coaching, my talk went great… As you predicted the audience stormed the stage afterwards… I couldn’t have done it without you.

– Susan Cramm, President,
ValueDance Coaching

American Payroll Association

As you know we always hire the very best professional keynote speakers for our APA Congress. However, over the last eight years our own payroll and Congress speakers have added to their speaking competence because of your yearly full-day speaker training and coaching. Our Man and Woman of the Year speeches have improved 800% since you have started coaching them.

– Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association 

Gere Publishing

Perhaps you already know that anyone who delivers a podcast needs your keynote expertise. I never appreciated how relevant your skill-set is until I received a panic call from a client today. She and her colleague were working on the opening feature for their first podcast and knew it wasn’t right.

The give-away to me was how they were having trouble finding the ‘right voice.’ Just like a keynote, a podcast has to engage the audience, yet there wasn’t a single ‘you’ in the entire piece. It started with dull introductions. In fact, as I started to work through it, I noticed that your guiding principles are essentials for a good podcast. Making simple changes had a huge effect on the excitement level/drama we created.

You made me a star and saved the day for my client. Thank you!

– Claudia Gere, President
Gere Publishing

You would have been proud of me coach! I gave my presentation to 100 people at the annual meeting of the Indiana Society for Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation in Indianapolis. It went really well. I used a number of stories in my presentation (including the one you coached me on to open my presentation ‘I’ll never forget Matt Bauer’). I even used your foreshadowing technique before one of my stories – it worked great! I know I was connecting because I saw several people wiping back tears during a couple of my stories!

The title of my presentation was IMPACTING LIVES, and my premise was, ‘It’s not your expertise that blesses others, it’s your humanness.’

Thanks so much for checking up on me, and for all your fantastic coaching!

Your raving fan,

– Steven B. Reed, Executive Director
Lant & Associates, Inc.

Gere Publishing

What an amazing three days. Your advanced presentation skills and speech coaching training was one of the best educational experiences of my career. As an experienced author and ghost writer for executives and professional speakers, I will never be able to hear, write, or deliver a keynote again without your resounding wisdom filtering the view.

It is not unusual to attend a seminar and get all pumped up about learning how to develop a skill, but then have the results short lived. However, with the Fripp training experience, what I learned is not only practical, new, brilliant and vivid, it is being implemented every day.

Now I can look at a client’s keynote and instantly make astute recommendations that sell my writing services to my clients. You have been so empowering. My clients are thrilled with how your techniques transform their keynotes from ‘I-focused’ to ‘audience-focused’ so they engage every individual they are addressing. They are benefiting from your easy-to-adapt techniques that transform good into great.

Your techniques work not only for writing keynotes, but also for many other aspects of my publishing and marketing business. The interviewing skills alone that you taught us are worth a fortune. Patricia Fripp, you are a master at turning a boring speech that appears to be all about the speaker into an amazing speech that is impassioned, entertaining, educational, relevant and profound.

– Claudia Gere
Claudia Gere & Co. LLC

American Payroll Association

I have frequently spoken about your selfless and spectacular training during my Mentoring workshop in Las Vegas. The American Payroll Association speakers are better presenters and communicator because you came into our lives. Our messages touch more lives because you taught how to connect with our audiences. I am eternally grateful to you.

– Sue Darring, Past President
American Payroll Association

Advanced Hygiene Concepts

We just finished our first marketing seminar since our training with you. We utilized your great advice and received RAVE reviews! A few good, however mostly great and fabulous. The audience also wrote, ‘Interesting, high energy, funny.’ Thanks to your coaching it was a resounding success.

– Linda O’Grady, Partner/Owner
Advanced Hygiene Concepts

Thank you for the incredible speech coaching for New Zealand’s high-profile professional athletes. You may recall that you worked with a group of our top players, including Xavier Rush, Auckland Captain and former All-Black Eroni Clarke. They received a huge benefit from your training. One of the best outcomes is they are applying the principles you taught and continue to improve. You came with a very high reputation as a top level speaking coach, and you lived up to that well-deserved reputation.

– Jim Gilchrist, President
Team One Sports Development

American Payroll Association

Patricia Fripp has been the primary aspect of the American Payroll Association’s commitment to the improvement of the presentation skills of APA’s National Speakers Bureau members. For the past five years, Patricia has not only entertained but also dramatically improved the skills of APA members presenting technical topics at workshops, conferences and seminars. Patricia’s Points of Wisdom and bringing ‘Hollywood’ to technical presentations has tremendously improved the speakers ability to make technical topics come to life.

– Jim Medlock, Senior Director of Education
American Payroll Association 

AG Consulting

Coming out of the training session with Patricia Fripp, I’d have to say I wasn’t just ready to give a presentation to a large audience — I am looking forward to it. Considering I’d rather jump out of airplanes than speak for audiences, that’s a stunning endorsement. And Patricia’s training was excellent. Bring her back — pay her double.

– Eric Stieler
AG Consulting

American Payroll Association

We have had such amazing results hiring Patricia to coach our industry trainers and Congress speakers. Her speaking seminar is a great investment. The confidence level, skill and creativity of our trainers have soared. Our President threw away the talk she had worked on for eight months and rewrote it with Fripp in forty minutes.

– Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association
National Speakers Association 2001 Meeting Partner of the Year


For years, I have believed in the power of a strong Opening and Closing, noticing the difference it can make in the tone of the classes that I teach. Then I got Fripped and found out what the Opening is really supposed to look like. Wow! What a difference! Only two days after your class and I see a dramatic improvement. Thank you so much!

That Wednesday, I was to give a presentation on basic payroll to the New Hire Sales Training Class. I had a lot riding on the class – the subject is dull, it was my first time before this group, and, in general, I had a lot of eyes watching me! I knew that I had to sell them on being there and learning.

I caught their attention at the start “Your credibility is a deal breaker.” I built my case with a challenge, I quoted one of their peers, I answered their questions before they asked, and I told them of a time before I knew the subject. It was a little longer than normal, but I knew that I had to grab them from the start and sell it! It was great – I Frippnotized them!

Thank you so much! You are the best!

– David R. Brooks
ADP—National Accounts Sales

Seventh Day Adventist

Imagine two hundred ministers, each convinced he or she may be God’s finest gift to oratory, listening to a ‘lay’ teach them how to improve their communication skills and deliver exciting sermons. Then imagine a standing ovation at the conclusion of the session. These powerful images tell the story of our first experience with speech coach and dynamic keynoter, Patricia Fripp.

It has been said ‘a minister will fly around the world to preach a sermon but will not walk across the street to hear one,’ however, from start to finish Patricia held our ‘congregation of preachers’ in the palm of her hand. They laughed, learned, participated and told us they wanted her back so they can laugh and learn some more!

We believe that each weekend thousands of our church members are hearing sermons that fall easier on their ears and penetrate further into their hearts and minds because of the speaking tips and techniques Patricia taught us in her keynote and workshop. We’re having her back!

Daniel A. Savino, West Region Director
Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

University of Alaska Anchorage

The feedback on your speech coaching and 2 talks has been really great. We Would love to have you back again. You were terrific, better than my wildest dreams. You made the difference that makes THE difference. You have a way of working with individuals that is in their face, yet endearing at the same time—a most effective mix.

– Susan Ruddy, Vice Chancellor
University of Alaska Anchorage 

American Payroll Association

Thank you for your help with my speech at the APA Congress. From the feedback I received, it was an overwhelming success! I know that the guidance you provided helped to make it enjoyable for everyone (of course the spectacular delivery added to it). Your suggestions were right on the mark and I appreciate your help. It would not have been as good without you.

– Dennis G Danilewicz, Man of the Year 2000
American Payroll Association

Lockheed Martin

I would like to thank you for the terrific experience I had with your seminar last Tuesday for Lockheed Martin. In fact, I gave a talk to about 40 new hires today on the Joint Strike Fighter program as well as the new Lockheed Martin Organization structure. I got a lot of comments from people who have seen me brief before that this was the most dynamic briefing I had ever given. (The one I told you before to Admiral Steidle was more dynamic). But the point they made was noticeable. Thanks again for the experience. I hope we have the opportunity to do it again. I got a lot of positive comments from our folks who attended your seminar.

– Rick Baker, Vice President. Combat Weapon Systems
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company 

American Payroll Association

Thank you so very much for your help and for the workshop you gave for all the speakers. Your advice that not saying the wrong thing was as important as saying the correct thing was worth the trip in itself.

– Fred Crowley, Man of the Year 2000
American Payroll Association

MCI Worldcom

Thank you for the great presentation you did for MCI WorldCom in Coronado. All of us benefited from your expertise and experiences. I personally know that the two presentations I have made since the class were better because of what I learned from you.

– Robert. L. Smith
MCI WorldCom

Lockheed Martin

We had a great experience with Patricia Fripp. Her ability to work with people at top levels of our company and make them feel totally comfortable while critiquing their work is a special talent.

Our engineers and executives alike found many areas where they could improve. She definitely gets a return engagement soon!!!

– Randy Bushee, Professional Development
LM Aeronautics, Palmdale

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