How to Get Started in The Speaking Business

If you haven’t heard the story of how I launched my speaking career, here’s a snapshot. Read below or enjoy this brief video, recorded at one of my events for speakers, coaches, consultants, and trainers:


Everyone Wins with Adaptability – How Adaptable Are You?

Group Conversation

Adaptable people meet others’ needs and their own. They know how to negotiate relationships in a way that allows everyone to win.

I am delighted to be speaking at the Assessments24x7 2nd Annual Users Conference, October, 8th and 9th in San Diego. Assessments24x7 provides corporate employers, industry coaches and consultants the analytical tools to benchmark their hiring processes, boost employee productivity, and maximize performance. Identifying unique personal strengths is invaluable in achieving professional happiness. Is adaptability one of your personal strengths? (more…)

Public Speaking – You Did Everything Wrong & You Were Great!

Jeff Salz

This brave man was somewhat daunted the first time he delivered a major presentation in front of me.

My remarkable friend, Dr. Jeff Salz is an anthropologist, explorer, expedition leader, and professional speaker. Jeff is an adventurer from birth. At seventeen, he was solo traveling around the globe – ice climbing in New Zealand and living on vampire bats in the jungles of New Caledonia. After decades of exploration and his study of human nature around the world, he is equally at home leading in a boardroom of Fortune 100 executives or around a bonfire with tribesmen in the Upper Amazon. One trait that makes Jeff an excellent speaker is his authenticity. (more…)

What Do Public Speaking And Ballet Have in Common?


Passion, connection, presence, artistry, discipline, technique, freedom, purposeful movement, and rehearsal are essential elements of both ballet and public speaking.

I recently heard from my friend Carol Andrew, a fellow Dorset girl – from the same small region of England as I am!  Not only do we both live in the United States now, but we are also both National Speakers Association members, both speakers, and both speech coaches. Unlike me, Carol studied at London’s Royal Ballet School! If you are familiar with my work, you already know that I encourage speakers to adopt useful strategies from the world of performers. I share this article from Carol, explaining the elements common to both public speaking and ballet.  Read her helpful tips for speakers and enjoy!

Speakers and Dancers . . . Surprisingly Similar
by Carol Andrew

Passion, connection, presence, artistry, discipline, technique, freedom of body movement, moving on purpose, rehearsal.

Each of these elements is common to both public speaking and ballet. I bet you never imagined two such seemingly disparate forms of presenting to an audience could have so much in common. You’re probably thinking “But dancers don’t even speak.”  In reality, the entire body of a dancer speaks to an audience and his choreographer speaks through the bodies of her dancers. I’m a public speaking coach and trainer with an extensive background in ballet, imported from London’s Royal Ballet in the UK to the USA years ago to teach ballet. I am blessed to incorporate my many years of ballet teaching experience, and theatre training and experience into my speaking coaching and presenting.