This Is The Secret to Mesmerizing Your Audience

What’s the secret to mesmerizing any audience of any size at any time? There’s a simple and profound answer. How often have you sat in an audience and been mesmerized by a speaker? Did they reach out and grab you in such a way that you thought, “Wow, the speaker’s talking just to me”? Was it the compelling content of a scintillating story?

I share this segment from FrippVT, my fast, easy, convenient way for you to become a powerful, persuasive presenter. It’s a highly-interactive, learn-at-your-own speed, online learning program. Enjoy!


The Rabbi at The Majestic: Wisdom in A Few Words

I share this perspective on life and speaking from my brother, Robert Fripp, founding and ongoing member of the band King Crimson. Enjoy!


How to Get the Best Results When Working as A Team

John Amatt is a mountain climber, explorer, and popular motivational speaker. I had the pleasure of meeting him and learned from our meeting. Enjoy this story he told me.

When John Amatt led the 1982 Canadian team on a successful Mount Everest expedition, only three people reached the summit. Many climbers who were part of the team, whose lifetime ambition was to stand on top of Everest, made the conscious choice to stay in the base camp. Why? (more…)

How to Sound Intelligent When You Present

Whether you’re delivering a sales presentation, a keynote speech, or a report to the board, choose your words carefully to build credibility, sound intelligent, and make your message understood. When you choose and use precise language you will sound intelligent. You will have the power to make your message stick and be quoted from the boardroom to the convention hall.